Kia XCeed Plug-in Hybrid

Kia XCeed Plug-in Hybrid

From £31,855


Meet the Kia XCeed PHEV, a plug-in hybrid that combines the best of both worlds - a sporty compact crossover hatchback with all of the advantages of modern eco-friendly electric power. The XCeed PHEV, just like its counterpart the Sportswagon Plug-in Hybrid has a 1.6 GDi Petrol engine and an 8.9kWh lithium-ion powered electric motor. And thanks to Kia's advanced electrified powertrain, which balances smooth transmission from petrol to electric, you can now enjoy a greener journey in comfort and style.

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Charging made easy

Charge your car at home, or out and about, at the thousands of charging stations. You can recharge the battery up to 100% in approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes. Plus to make it even easier, you can see the 3 LED charging level lights on the dashboard from outside the car.

The Kia XCeed - a Modern Hybrid

Using regenerative braking stores the energy that you create and charges the battery. There's also the Coasting Guide which analyses your route to tell you when to take your foot off the throttle and that virtual engine sound system activates in the electric only mode so that pedestrians and animals are aware of you moving.

As you would expect of a modern hybrid, the XCeed PHEV employs regenerative braking to harvest kinetic energy that recharges your car's battery while coasting or braking, and which also features an ingenious 'Coasting Guide' that analyses your route to let you know just when to lift off the accelerator pedal.

When driving, and with just the flick of the H/EV (Hybrid/Electric Vehicle) switch you can select either EV or Hybrid mode. The EV mode, ideal for urban driving, uses only the electric motor for a zero-fuel, emission-free journey with an impressive driving range of 37 miles. When there's no longer sufficient battery capacity the system switches automatically over to Hybrid mode. This mode operates both energy sources, the petrol engine and the electric motor simultaneously to power the car.

Blind Spot Collision Warning (BCW)

Protecting you from cars in your blind spot, the Blind Spot Collison warning will flash on the wing mirrors as well as sound an alert.

Discover the Power of Clean

This is Kia's first European-built plug-in hybrid powertrain and it combines an 8.9 kWh battery, a 44.5 kW electric motor and a 1.6 GDI engine with six-speed double-clutch transmission.

High Beam Assist (HBA)

No one likes to be blinded by someone else's high beams, so Kia include their High Beam Assist to ensure that you're using High Beams at the right time, and helps guide you when you need it.

The Clever Way to Park

Kia's Smart Parking Assist is there to take the strain of parking. Taking control of the steering, it'll tell you what gear to be in and help you navigate your way into both parallel and perpendicular parking spots.

The output is an impressive 141ps and you'll see a 0-100kmph acceleration in just 11 seconds. Even better, you can complete most daily drives on electric power alone.

The radical crossover coupé is high off the ground, with a long bonnet and a fast sloping silhouette. 18" wheels enhance the athletic profile, while LED lights and 'Ice Cube' LED daytime running lights shine at the front. The sporty bumper and closed tiger-nose grille are both stunning and aerodynamically effective. 12.3" Full Digital Cluster The seamless, multi-function display shows vehicle speed and power flow on pin-sharp digital dials. It also gives you turn-by-turn navigation instructions, audio information, phone calls and information about the driving mode and battery charge. Within your Comfort Zone Besides the high driving position, there's plenty of headroom and legroom available for all. The front and outer rear seats heat up quickly and so does the steering wheel. Extended Horizons The 12.3" full digital cluster and 10.25" navigation touchscreen display all information in high-definition, including turn-by-turn navigation instructions, audio information, phone calls and more.

Kia XCeed Plug-in Hybrid  3

Kia XCeed Plug-in Hybrid 3

From £31,855

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Kia XCeed Plug-in Hybrid 4

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