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JAECOO New Cars from Chapelhouse

Chapelhouse is proud to announce a new partnership with premium brand, JAECOO..

Along with their sibling brand OMODA, JAECOO are one of the newest brands to enter the global stage and are now entering the UK car market with their premium SUV, the JAECOO 7.


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The New Jaecoo 7 Model For Sale and on Finance

As an upmarket premium brand, the JAECOO 7 SUV features advanced interior technology along with both hybrid and all-electric vehicles. The JAECOO 7 offers a driving experience that is both capable in all terrains as well as refined.



With a minimalist designed luxury interior, all functionality of the J7 is operated from a 14.8 inch screen with a corresponding 10.25-inch driver’s display.

Driver information is integrated into a new head-up display and parking is aided by 540-degree panoramic imaging. Heated and ventilated seats are provided as standard along with a cool box under the central armrest.

JAECOO 7 interior
JAECOO 7 interior style
Jaecoo 7 interior from Chapelhouse


With a large premium grille, a floating roof, 19 inch alloy wheels as standard, and a vast panoramic sunroof, the J7 encompasses premium design features throughout.

Jaecoo 7 interior design
Jaecoo 7 seat layout
Jaecoo 7 dashboard


The J7 features a plug-in hybrid consisting of a 1.6-litre, four-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine and two electric motors for a total of 197bhp and 290Nm of torque. Acceleration stands at eight seconds for a 0-62mph sprint.

Jaecoo 7 performance

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Chapelhouse will be opening JAECOO dealerships in Blackpool and Warrington.

Register your interest today to keep up to date with the latest updates, our grand opening dates, and when the JAECOO 7 will be available to order.

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