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ALLGRIP is Suzuki's advanced four-wheel-drive technology for when you need extra traction on difficult terrain. 

How does ALLGRIP SELECT work?

The ALLGRIP SELECT provides four driving options that you can switch between at the turn of a dial:  

AUTO - this mode will operate your vehicle as a two-wheel-drive as normal to provide maximum efficiency and is preferable to your everyday driving conditions. The rear wheels will kick into action if any front wheel slippage is detected.  

SPORT - traction control intervention is weakened in this mode to allow a sleeker drive. It allows for easier acceleration when tackling narrow winding roads and tight bends.  

SNOW - traction control intervention is heightened in this mode for maximum stability in wintery conditions. A permanent 50/50 torque split is given to the front and rear wheels.   

LOCK - torque is distributed evenly throughout the four wheels when encountering difficult surfaces. Spinning wheels have extra traction control applied, while tyres that are gripping will have torque prioritised.  .

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