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We know how important it is to get your car serviced and here at Chapelhouse Suzuki, we love to help make sure your Suzuki is running smoothly so you can continue to drive worry-free.

Take advantage of our latest offers to keep your Suzuki running smoother, for longer. 

Suzuki Service Offers 

 At Chapelhouse Suzuki, it's a priority to help you get back on the road, therefore we recommend that your car is serviced every 12 months from the date of first registration or by mileage, whichever occurs soonest.

To ensure your Suzuki is running smoothly we must align your next service with the anniversary of the first date of registration again and not 12 months from the date that this delayed service was completed. By doing this, we can replace key components and fluids on a time basis, e.g. replacement every 2 years.

This will also ensure that the manufacturer's warranty is not affected by service requirements.

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Suzuki Service Activated Warranty

Suzuki Service Activated Warranty offers Suzuki drivers to extend the warranty on their car up to seven years. 

Once the standard three-year Suzuki Manufacturer Warranty ends, and your car is booked in for its next scheduled Suzuki service with a Suzuki Authorised Repairer, the extended warranty plan is activated.

It allows Suzuki customers to extend the warranty plan on their Suzuki up to a maximum vehicle age of seven years or 100,000 miles - whichever comes first. 

Should you decide to sell your car between services and within the seven-year qualifying period, the warranty can simply be transferred to the next owner - free of charge.  

Service Activated Warranty can also be applied to a Suzuki that has been purchased privately or has a gap in its dealer service history providing it goes through a Suzuki Vehicle Health Check in the first instance.

Service Activated Warranty

Extend your Suzuki Warranty up to seven years.

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Suzuki Genuine Parts

When you come to a Chapelhouse Suzuki Service Centre, your car will always be fitted with genuine, high-quality Suzuki parts designed specifically for your car.

You will receive a specialised service at your local Suzuki Service Centre. Our technicians know the ins and outs of every Suzuki model, so they know how to keep your car in top shape.

Suzuki Service Promise

Suzuki Service Promise

If you book a service, MOT or repair with your local Suzuki Service Centre, we promise that you'll experience superior levels of care - and leave impressed by all the little extras that we include as standard:

  • Alternative transport options
  • Simple and transparent pricing
  • Only pre-approved work undertaken
  • Suzuki trained technicians
  • Suzuki Genuine Parts
  • Progress report during
  • Wash and vacuum with pre-booked work
  • Vehicle health check on every visit
  • Accident Aftercare

Book a Service with Chapelhouse Suzuki

Book a Service

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Suzuki Service Payment Plan

Whether you've just bought your Suzuki or owned it for some time, there's an easy way to take care of it.

With a Suzuki Service Payment Plan, we fix the prices for parts and labour for up to three years. We also guarantee that your car is only ever serviced by Suzuki-trained Technicians using Suzuki Genuine Parts.

You can choose how you want to pay - one total payment upfront or spread the cost with monthly payments. And, because your payment plan is based on your own car and the number of miles you expect to drive each year, you know that you're paying the right amount for you.

The Suzuki Service Payment Plan is available to owners of most Suzuki models that are up to six years old.

Your service plan will include your vehicles next 3 services, depending on your mileage and the service regime of your Suzuki, the payment period of your plan may vary.

All items associated with the cost of a Suzuki scheduled service - including the cost of materials, cost of labour and VAT - are covered by your Suzuki Service Payment Plan. An online quote will give you a detailed breakdown of everything that's included. In addition, to give you complete peace of mind, only Suzuki-trained technicians will work on your vehicle, and they will only use Suzuki-approved lubricants and parts.

Anything that isn't included within the official Suzuki scheduled servicing for your vehicle - for example, any extra maintenance work or adjustments - is also not covered by the Suzuki Service Payment Plan.

If your car has covered more miles than you anticipated when buying your plan, it might mean that your next scheduled service is due sooner than originally anticipated - and that your Suzuki Service Payment Plan doesn't contain sufficient funds. If this does happen, don't worry: you'll be able to make a top-up payment direct to the Suzuki Service Centre at the point of service.

Yes, you can cancel at any time by contacting EMaC. You'll receive a refund, excluding any services that you have claimed for and any applicable management fees. Refunds will be paid into the account you originally used to pay for the plan.

If you sell your car, you can either cancel the plan and receive a refund (detailed above) or, if you've bought a new Suzuki, you can transfer the balance from your current policy to your new policy. If you contact EMaC, they will be able to complete this for you.

You can email EMaC at [email protected] or call on 0330 099 6826 (lines are open Monday to Friday (8:00am to 6:00pm) and Saturday (9:00am to 1:00pm).

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