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Suzuki 3 Year Warranty - Activated Warranty Available

Suzuki Service Promise

You're covered from the moment you take delivery of your new Suzuki. You can find the full terms and conditions of your Suzuki Warranty in the service book included in the book pack, which you'll find in the glovebox of your car. Every new Suzuki comes with a warranty that covers three years or 60,000 miles (whichever comes first). You also receive a 12-year anti-perforation warranty, as standard. Because the warranty is transferable, you'll have complete peace of mind, whether you're buying a new or used car.

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Service Activated Warranty 

Suzuki Service Activated Warranty is offered to Suzuki drivers once the standard three-year Suzuki Manufacturer Warranty ends, and your car is booked in for its next scheduled Suzuki service with a Suzuki Authorised Repairer

It allows customers to extend the warranty plan on their Suzuki up to a maximum vehicle age of seven years or 100,000 miles - whichever comes first.

Suzuki Service Activated Warranty

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Suzuki Warranty

Extending Your Warranty

If your warranty is running out, you can continue protecting your car with a Suzuki Extended Warranty. You'll be able to protect against the cost of future repair and replacement parts with our Extended Warranty, which is designed to give you the flexibility you need.

So, for example, you can choose from three levels of cover, a choice of excess level and the option to pay as you go. And, if you decide an Extended Warranty isn't for you - you're free to cancel your policy at any time.

Suzuki Genuine Parts Warranty

Our warranty guarantee also covers Suzuki Genuine Parts. All Suzuki Genuine Parts fitted to cars are covered by a warranty guarantee. This guarantee lasts for the remainder of the original vehicle warranty, up to three years or 60,000 miles. If your car is outside of warranty, any genuine parts fitted will be covered by a 12-month warranty.

Suzuki Genuine Parts are engineered to exact product quality standards. Our qualified aftersales staff will make sure they source the right part for the job and that it's fitted correctly by our highly trained experts.

Why It's Better To Be Fitted By Suzuki

If you do not use a local Suzuki Service Centre, bear in mind that a subsequent failure may not be covered under warranty if the failure is proven to be a direct result of substandard parts or inadequate servicing or repairs.

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Suzuki 14-Day Return Guarantee

Buy your Suzuki with even more confidence than ever before with our 14-day return guarantee.

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Suzuki 14-day return guarantee