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Suzuki e-Call

Suzuki eCall

Accidents can happen at any moment. Sometimes, sadly, when you're least expecting it. 

In the unfortunate event of being involved in a road traffic collision, the Suzuki on-board sensors will detect that a crash has taken place. The eCall system will alert the emergency services with a phone message that contains the precise location of your vehicle. 

This feature is ideal should an incident occur if you're driving alone, at night, or in an unfamiliar or remote location. Even the smallest of collisions or near misses can leave a driver shaken up. 

The GPS location that is sent as part of the emergency call will off peace of mind that you personally won't need to provide exact details of where you are, at a time when you may not be thinking as clearly as such a situation may necessitate.  

The automatically generated message can also be sent by the driver or passenger manually too, simply by the touch of a button.