Suzuki Swace

suzuki swace

From £27,499


The Swace boasts a high quality body design that cleverly combines slick styling and on-road stability. It also has an incredibly smooth, comfortable drive and comes packed full of advanced tech and safety features, ticking all of the boxes for both work and play. There's a lot to love!

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WLTP Combined Fuel consumption 64.2 MPG


Petrol 1.8-litre

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Dynamic Exterior Design

A large honeycomb-patterned grille, prominent low front bumper and sharp LED headlamps give Swace a true athletic appearance.

Suzuki Swace Hybrid 

Low fuel costs and low emissions, with no need to find charging stations or plug in whilst you're at home - the electric motor charges itself as you drive.


Safe and Sound

The Swace comes packed to the brim with advanced safety features that add peace of mind to every drive.

8-inch Multimedia Touchscreen

Maps, apps, music and  Bluetooth all at your fingertips. 

Super Spacious

A generous 596-litre boot space and ample room for passengers.

Heated Front Seats

Don't let the cold weather take away from your driving experience. 

Suzuki 14-Day Return Guarantee

Buy your Suzuki with even more confidence than ever before with our 14 day return guarantee.

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Suzuki 14 Day Return Guarantee

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Suzuki Swace  SZ-T

Suzuki Swace SZ-T

From £27,499

Suzuki Swace  SZ5

Suzuki Swace SZ5

From £29,299


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