Information for Carers

If you are the appointed carer and receive state benefits on behalf of the disabled person, you are eligible to apply for the Motability Scheme on behalf of the person. 

When you lease a car through the Motability Scheme, insurance, breakdown cover, servicing and maintenance are all included.  

All you have to worry about is fuelling the car! 

Insurance included with motability scheme
servicing and maintenance
tyres included

Information for the Appointee

An appointee if a person that is solely responsible for collecting state benefits and deciding how they are used on behalf of the disabled person. 

As the appointee, you are legally responsible for the hiring of the Motability vehicle and that the car is used for the correct purposes. You will also be responsible for any outstanding monies owed to the scheme. 

It is also your responsibility to ensure that the disabled person has full access to the vehicle. 

appointee information with Chapelhouse Motability

Considering Electric? 

Find out if you could save even more by choosing to go electric with the Motability Scheme.

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Corporate appointee with chapelhouse motability

Information for a Corporate Appointee 

A corporate appointee is a business or organisation that takes sole responsibility for collecting state benefits on behalf of the disabled person. This could be socials services or a charity acting the disabled persons behalf. 

It is the responsibility of the corporate appointee to ensure that the vehicle is used for the correct purposes and that that disabled person has full access. 

They will also be responsible for any outstanding monies owed. 

The Motability scheme is there to help with more than just getting a great offer on a new car! It's there to assist you with your insurance, servicing and repairs, anything it can do to help make life a little easier. 

The Motability Scheme online account is a new way to help you manage your lease and keep your information updated. You can even start your next application online! 

If you are the appointee of the disable person, you can create an online account on their behalf and manage their applications online. 

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New Vehicle Payment of £750!

In February 2022, Motability introduced a £250 New Vehicle Payment for car and Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle customers. They are increasing this payment to £750 from the end of February 2023. We hope that giving you this amount back will help you make the most of your new car!

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