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Put simply, a nearly new car is one that has had a previous owner, but is less than a year old, is in excellent condition and has low mileage. Nearly new cars represent excellent value, as you can make big savings compared to buying a brand new car. 

At Chapelhouse, we offer a fantastic range of nearly new cars from our franchised partners - MG and Suzuki

Kia Nearly New cars

Nearly new Kia cars

View the nearly new Kia cars available today at Chapelhouse.

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MG Nearly New cars

Nearly new MG cars

View the nearly new MG cars available today at Chapelhouse.

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Suzuki Nearly New cars

Nearly new Suzuki cars

View the nearly new Suzuki cars available today at Chapelhouse.

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What is a nearly new car?


Ex-demonstrators generally represent the most common type of nearly new car you can find at a dealership. 

Ex-demos are cars that have been registered by the dealership itself, often used as display models, demonstrator cars for customers to test drive, or as company cars.  Generally, you can expect an 'ex-demo' to have a few thousand miles under its belt, but some may not have even left the showroom and could still have delivery miles on the clock. 

The phrase you're likely to hear about an ex-demo is 'new car for used car money'.

Pre-registered cars

A brand new car will be registered at the time of purchase. But a nearly new car that has been already registered by the dealership is known as pre-registered, or a 'pre-reg'.  

Buying a pre-registered car is very much like buying a brand new model. It will tend to have delivery miles on the clock and will be in showroom condition. But as it has already been registered, and the warranty package will have started to run, the dealership will technically be classed as its previous owner.

What are the benefits of buying a nearly new car?

  • Discounted price - you could save hundreds, or even thousands of pounds, compared to buying brand new. 
  • Like-new condition - be sure the car has been mechanically maintained to high dealership standards. 
  • Drive a low mileage car with little wear and tear - nearly new cars will usually have less than 5,000 miles on the clock. 
  • Warranty left to run - the remainder of the manufacturer warranty is carried over to you.  
  • Immediate delivery - you could drive your nearly new car away the same day.

Chapelhouse ex-demonstrators

Discover all the great benefits of buying an ex-demo.

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