Motability Costs - Motability Price List

The Motability scheme is transparent and hassle free when it comes to it's costs. Payments to the Motability scheme will automatically be taken from your allowance and paid to the dealership to cover your car so you don't have to remember to make weekly or monthly payments. 

If you car costs less than your entitlement. The payment for the car will be automatically sent to the dealership and the rest will be paid to you. 

Motability Leasing Costs

Leasing Costs

With the Motability scheme, insurance, breakdown cover, service and maintenance are all covered. Even your tires and windscreen are included. The only thing you have to pay for is the fuel! 

Advanced Payments

Some cars come with an advanced payment. This is a one off payment that is taken in addition to your weekly payments. 

An advance payment is different to a deposit and is therefore, non-refundable. 

If an advanced payment is required, this will be fixed at the time of placing your order and is payable to the Motability dealer either before or on the day of your car collection.

Motability Advanced Payments

Motability Offers with Chapelhouse

See all of the current Motability offers available now at Chapelhouse. 

Motability at Chapelhouse
Motability Adaptations


If you are a WAV customer, some adaptations may come at an extra cost. Your supplier will be able to provide a breakdown for this. 

Payments for adaptations will be handled separately from you advanced payment. 

Costings or adaptations will be included in your acceptance letter along with your pin. 

Any adaptations, less any grants, is payable directly to the dealer, along with any advanced payment, upon collection of your car.

Optional Extras

Adding optional extras to you car will increase the amount to be paid up front and won't be included in your weekly payments. 

It is always best to ask about optional extras and get a quote so that you stay within your budget. 

Motability Optional Extras

New Vehicle Payment of £750!

In February 2022, Motability introduced a £250 New Vehicle Payment for car and Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle customers. They are increasing this payment to £750 from the end of February 2023. We hope that giving you this amount back will help you make the most of your new car!

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