New Vehicle Payment

In February 2022, Motability announced a payment to help subsidise the increasing price of cars due to worldwide shortages. Applicants would receive a one off payment of £250.

From the end of February 2023, this payment will be increasing to £750. This is for people getting new cars and wheelchair accessible vehicles. 

This one off payment could counterbalance the advance payment that may be required for some vehicles. Find out more about the costs associated with Motability here.


Who's Eligible?

You will be eligible to receive the new car payment when you get you new car as long as it's before the end of 2023. 

If you're already on the scheme, you'll receive this payment when you order your next car. 

What will I receive? 

If you are eligible, you will currently receive £250. This will increase to £750 from February 2023. 

If you have already received £250, you will receive a further payment for £500 to bring your total up to £750. These payments will start arriving from March but there isn't a guaranteed date.

If you apply after February 2023, you will receive a one off payment in £750. 

You will get the rest of the payment if you extend your lease but it is only a one off payment. You will not receive it each time you get a new car.

Find out if your eligible

Find out if you are eligible to receive a new car payment.

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The Motability Scheme online account is a new way to help you manage your lease and keep your information updated. You can even start your next application online! 

Customers who have a Digital Account receive their payments quicker and by BACS. 

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