10 Car Care Tips for Winter

Winter can be taxing on your car.Longer journeys to visit family,the bustle of Christmas shopping and driving in the dark,damp and cold all take a toll on your vehicle.It's essential to ensure that your car is running in its best possible condition so that you can feel safe and secure on your journeys. We have put together 10 car care tips that will keep you motoring through winter.

Check the battery

The battery is put through the wringer during the winter months. The cold temperatures reduce the overall output while the need for extra lights and heat places the battery under additional strain. The average battery lasts around 5 years and regular checks will prevent you from getting stuck in the cold.

Check your anti-freeze

Anti-freeze is important to make sure the engine of your car doesn't freeze when temperatures drop.People often make the mistake of topping up the coolant with water during warmer weather so anti-freeze becomes too diluted and won't work efficiently in the car. Make sure your coolant is 50/50 water and anti-freeze in the colder months.

Keep your lights clean

This might seem obvious but during winter, you will likely be driving in the dark and through varying weather conditions. Visibility on the road is crucial. Wiping down the lights on your car and making sure that they all work will keep you and other drivers around you safer on the road.

Check the tyres

Stopping and starting in icy and cold conditions means that your tyres are put to the test and they are vital for your stopping time when there's snow or slippery roads.Ensure that your tyres have at least 1.6mm of tread,though we recommend 3mm in colder weather for maximum grip.If it's extra icy or you drive on rural, uneven roads, you should consider winter tyres for extra safety.

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Brake check

Another important part of your car to keep in the best possible condition is the brakes. They are essential to keep you safe while winter driving. Stopping distances are longer in the winter and harder braking will be needed to make sure that your car comes to a halt when needed. Make sure that your brake pedal is working as you expect it to and that your brakes are reacting as expected.

It's also best to drive slowly and maintain a healthy distance from other vehicles so that you have time to react and brake as needed and as is safe.

Get a winter health check 

A winter health check is a convenient way to make sure that your car is ready for winter road conditions.As standard,they check the most important and used parts of the car including the oil,tyres,air conditioning,and brakes.

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Check the windscreen and windshield wipers

Windscreens are more prone to chips and cracks as cold can make glass more brittle and seasonal gunk can build up on the wiper blades.This can minimise your visual of the road but also lead to scratches and damage.Ensure that your windshield washer fluid is topped up so any grime can be effortlessly washed away.

Consider car mats

During the winter,ice,snow and salt don't just build up on the outside of your car but are also carried in on coats and shoes which can be embedded in the carpets of your car over time, leaving them dirty, smelly and can lead to tears in the fabric. Car mats can prevent damage and are easily removable for cleaning.

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Protect your paint and bodywork

The excess water and salt during the winter months can lead to chips and damage in your paintwork. If left untreated, over time, this can lead to more severe rust and damage to the exterior of the car. This can be avoided with regular car cleans and waxing.

Alternatively, you can opt to add a synthetic coat to the exterior of your car which will protect it from seasonal changes and the elements. At Chapelhouse, we offer Williams Paint Protection which is a high-end, industry-leading synthetic coat that comes with a lifetime guarantee. There is also the option to add this to the interior of your car for extra protection.

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Keep a winter car kit

Hopefully, with the above tips in hand, you can avoid getting stuck out in the cold weather but should the inevitable unfortunately happen, it's always best to be prepared.We recommend that you have a warm,thick coat;sensible shoes like a pair of wellies;an ice scraper and de-icer;a torch and spare batteries and finally,a fully charged phone and fully charged wireless charger,just in case.

With the help of our top tips for winter car care,a little bit of extra patience and some extra forward planning,driving to visit loved ones,trips to the shops and Christmas excursions can be fun,enjoyable and above all,safe.

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