What Are the Benefits of an Annual MOT, and Why?

In a bid to tackle the ongoing cost of living crisis, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps suggested recently that the laws surrounding MOT tests may come under review - making it mandatory for motorists to have their vehicles tested only every two years, rather than annually, as it currently stands.

The Tory MP explained: “If you look at things like MOTs - cars have clearly become a lot more reliable than when the MOT, named after the Ministry of Transport, was put in place. I think it's always right to keep these things under review, but there's a lot of road to cover before we get to that point.” 

The potential move was criticised widely by motoring organisations and politicians alike, who pointed out that it would create a situation where there could be up to twice as many dangerous vehicles on the roads. Not to mention that it would only save drivers not much more than a pound per week. 

Fellow Conservative MP, Karl McCartney, who is a member of the Transport Select Committee, went in two-footed, describing it as “an absolutely crass idea.” 

RAC chief Nicholas Lyes added: “The purpose of an MOT is to ensure vehicles meet a basic level of safety for driving on our roads. Shifting it from annually to every two years would see a dramatic increase in the number of unroadworthy vehicles and could see our roads less safe.”

At Chapelhouse, we understand that an MOT may be seen as an unwelcome expense, especially when most families are feeling the pinch. Therefore, we offer all our customers a free annual MOT test for life, as part of our five years, 0% finance, no deposit and no interest deal. 

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It doesn't matter if your car is a Kia, Suzuki, MG, or a non-franchised model, our expert technicians will carry out checks to the highest standard to ensure your vehicle doesn't have any underlying problems that may become bigger issues down the line. 

The MOT test differs from a car's annual service. Around 20 different aspects of the vehicles are checked to ensure they're in correct working order, including the brakes, tyre tread length, lights, exhaust, mirrors, suspension, seat belts and the steering wheel. 

The engine, clutch and gearbox will go untouched, as they're the subject of the separate servicing. Once a vehicle is three years older than when it was registered, it requires an MOT each year by law. Any motorist caught driving an unroadworthy vehicle may be fined up to £1000, so it's imperative to keep your car in best condition possible. It not only keeps you and your passengers safe, but other road users and pedestrians. 

Alternatively, if your vehicle isn't due for its MOT and yet you feel there may be an issue, we also offer seasonal vehicle health checks. 

Our technicians have the latest diagnostic equipment on hand to perform a 30-point check to identify any issues that may occur from the changing weather and temperatures. 

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