Car defrosting top tips - do's and don'ts

If you're like us, you'll have spent the previous few mornings with frost bite on your fingers attempting to remove a particularly thick layer of ice from your car's windscreen and windows. 

While some of us here at Chapelhouse Towers were less than ideally prepared to de-ice their car in a timely and efficient manner than others, here are some top tips that should stand you in much better stead.


Use the climate control system first

Crank up your car's heating system to 11 and give the windscreen a good blasting. Not only will this heat up the glass and make it easier to clear on the opposite side, but your car will also be that bit warmer for when you're ready to start your journey. 

It may also help to turn on the air conditioning too, to absorb the moisture from the air. 

One great feature of the MG iSmart app is that it allows your to control the heating in the MG4 EV, MG5 EV or ZS EV before you even enter your car. 


Keep a can of de-icer spray in your car

De-icer spray should be the next weapon in your armoury to tackle Jack Frost. It will start to cut through the ice and give you an easier job physically of making a dent in the coating. 

Alternatively, if you don't have any de-icer to hand, you can always create your own salt water spray that will work effectively too. 


Invest in a designated ice scraper

A high-end plastic scraper is still pretty inexpensive and provides an excellent way of clearing your windscreen in quick time. Not only that, but one with a handle will hopefully avoid you getting those aforementioned frost-bitten fingers. Some even now come with a squeegee attached too. 

It certainly makes better sense than using a credit card to do the job - something that might damage both your windscreen and the card.


Pour boiling water on a frozen windscreen

Piping hot water may seem like the perfect antidote to a frozen windscreen. However, it's probably the worst thing you can do. 

The hot water will cause the frozen glass to expand rapidly, likely causing a crack in the glass. Not ideal at a time when costly repairs seem to be getting even costlier by the day.


Use the windscreen wipers to cut through the ice

The rubber on the wiper blades is delicate and can easily be damaged by a thick coating of frost and ice. 

You may end up paying the price when the weather becomes a bit warmer, and your wipers aren't at optimum performance during a heavy downpour.


Leave your car unattended with the engine running

You have the car's heating on and nip back into the house to pick something up during the time it takes for a windscreen to clear. ā€œI'll only be a minute,ā€ and take it for granted that the car will still be there when you return. 

It's highly advisable to never leave your car on its own with the keys in the ignition. It might seem like a no-brainer, but it's always worth a reminder. 

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