Car must-haves for parents this summer

Summer is well and truly here and everyone is eager to enjoy the summer sun with their families. We have put together a list of car essentials for parents that might help make road trips and days in the sun easier.

Seat and boot organisers

Seat and boot organisers are essential for long road trips with younger children. They provide extra storage for snacks, water bottles, and activities. Some now include tablet holders so the kids can watch a movie while you drive.

back seat organiser

Boot organisers are especially great for after a fun day out. They can store wet towels and clothes or sandy flip-flops to minimise the mess in your car's cabin.

If you are looking for something more multi-purpose, you can opt for a travel tray that sits comfortably over your child's legs, perfect for drawing and colouring while still supplying some extra storage space.

Mg floor mats from chapelhouse

Floor mats

Floor mats are great to keep dirt and dust to a minimum and keep footprints from muddy shoes to a minimum. They are perfect for sandy trips to the beach and prevent things from being trampled into the carpet of the car. The mats can then be easily removed, shaken down or watched with a jet wash.

At Chapelhouse, we offer branded car mats that are designed to perfectly fit your car, giving more floor coverage and protection. Get in touch with a member of our team to find out more.

A bike rack or roof box

A bike rack or roof box are perfect for getting larger items out of the way to free up space in the boot and cabin of your car.

Bikes can be safely fixed to the exterior of the car, allowing you to take everyone's bike with you while roof boxes make the ideal storage for water sports equipment and help prevent the interior of the car from getting wet. Both are perfect for families seeking a little more adventure.

Bike rack for suzuki
roof rack for suzuki

Accessories at Chapelhouse

Get in touch with a member of our team to find out what accessories we have available for your car. 

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Silicone Cup Holder Protectors

Cup holder protectors made from silicone fit snugly into the cup holders of your car and catch any crumbs or bits of rubbish. Choosing silicone ones also means they catch any little spills that might happen while travelling.

A silicone cup holder protector can be easily emptied on the go so you don't need to worry about vacuuming out those hard-to-reach cup holders.

silicone cup holder protectors for cars
suzuki seatbelt strap protector

Seatbelt strap protectors

Seat belt strap protectors are good for fidgety kids that can get easily irritated by their car seat. These easily fit onto most seatbelts and are made from soft fabric that prevents the seatbelt from cutting into a child.

For extra comfort, some even come with extra cushioning that can be doubled up as a pillow for comfort on extra-long car drives.

Window sunshade

Widow sunshades easily attach to your car windows and help prevent your car from getting too hot in the summertime. They also shade your child from direct sunlight while driving.

Window sunshades can be brought for all the windows on your car. A larger one can be purchased for your front window to shade your car while you aren't in it. This can help prevent hot leather seats or uncomfortably hot seatbelts when you get back in the car.

childrens sunshade for the car
car sunshafe or snow protector

First-aid kit

A first aid kit is essential for any car ride and more so with children in the car. Consider different sized plasters and bandages for unavoidable cuts or scraped knees, and sickness bags just in case someone gets travel sick.

For bites or allergic reactions, you should include antihistamine tablets or creams, cleaning wipes to remove dirt after a fall, and painkillers for sunburn.

first aid kit for car
childs car seat protector

Seat and car seat protectors

These are ideal if you have younger children on long drives that may need snacks or have the tendency to make a mess. Seat protectors easily fit over the back of the headrest of the seat. They are perfect to catch crumbs, dirt and sand and can even protect the interior of your car from spillages. 

Seat protectors are also available to go under the car seat of a younger child. Some even come with handy storage for baby bottles and wipes.

If you want something with more longevity, you can opt to protect the interior fabrics of your car with Williams upholstery Protection which helps dirt and grime bounce off of the fabrics in your car rather than compressing into them. Discover the benefits of Williams Protection by speaking to a member of our team.

Williams Protection

Williams offers both internal and external protection for your car. Preventing damage caused by dirt, grim and pollution. Speak to a member of our team to find out more now! 

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Baby mirror

This is ideal for those safety conscious parents with a baby in the backseat. Though rear-facing car seats are the safest option for your baby, they aren't the easiest option when it comes to supervision.

A baby mirror attaches to the headrest of the same seat your baby's car seat is attached to. It allows you to see your baby through your review mirror or from a quick glance around and know that everything is okay.

baby mirror for cars

A tissue holder

This is a slightly more unusual choice when it comes to car accessories but it may be handy nonetheless. Tissue holders can be stored in cup holders or organisers or some can be attached to your screen visor for easy storage and access

Tissue holders are perfect to store tissue or even paper towels and come in handy for sticky fingers or runny noses or for cleaning up spills in the car.

tissue holder that fits in cup holder
tissue holder on car headrest
tissue holder on car sunvisor for storage

We hope that with these useful and handy accessories, you will be able to enjoy a stress free and fun summer without worrying about the risk of mess or damage to your car.