Elevate your Adventure with Chapelhouse Accessories

You have just brought a new car. It is revving and raring to go on its first adventure. 

Whether it's a hike up a hill with your dog or a long weekend camping with the kids, kitting your car out with some new accessories is more than just an aesthetic thing. The correct accessories in and on your car can make all the difference! Our Chapelhouse accessories have got you covered.

Chapelhouse Accessories

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We have compiled a must-have list of car accessories and what they are most perfect for! 

Roadside Safety Kit

A basic essential for the long-distance adventurer. A Roadside Safety Kit is self-explanatory. It is a kit that can help a driver and passengers safe during a roadside emergency, giving them peace of mind. It should contain jump leads, a first aid kit, a screwdriver and a torch.

road side safety kit
Kia Floor Car Mat

Floor Car Mats

This is another basic one. Floor mats protect the floor of your car from everyday dirt, dust and grime. They are easily removable to be cleaned and freshened up. These can be basic fabric ones that are great for every day or, for more hardcore adventures, rubber mats can be used to grab rainwater and dirt and prevent it from being pressed into the car floor.

Bike Roof Racks

Fit the whole family in the car and the bikes. A roof-mounted Bike rack clears up space in the car, you don't have to drop your seats and is a secure way to take your bike with you, wherever you are going.

Kia Bike Roof Rack
Kia Boot Liner

Boot Liners

Great for the aftermath of a vertical walk up a big hill! Boot liners fit easily into your boot and are great protection from muddy hiking boots or to guard the boot floor against a soggy dog. Simply remove and hose down to clean then place back in the boot to use again!

Ice and Sun Screen

Protect your car and yourself from the elements. A screen protector will help keep the car cool in the summer so you are less likely to burn yourself on hot leather seats and keep some heat in the winter so you can avoid scraping snow and ice in the cold before running into the comfort of the heater in your car!

Ice and Sun Screen
Kia Roof Boxes

Roof Boxes

Roof boxes are great for an extra level of storage. They are solid, sturdy and waterproof. They are easy to remove and are completely washable with a hosepipe or towel making them the perfect option to store wet clothes or toys after they have been through muddy puddles or a day at the beach.

Make sure when choosing your car accessories that they are the correct fit for your car. Opting for generic could mean that your accessories aren't as high quality or as fit for purpose whereas brand manufactured or approved options are made to fit a specific make and model car are and designed specifically to the purpose of that car.

Chapelhouse Accessories

Find out more about our accessory range by contacting our aftersales team on 03303323029 or click below

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Want to go the extra mile? An antibacterial air conditioning clean is a powerful deep clean that eradicates 99% of bacteria and leaves your car air-con fresh and clean. It's a perfect option to refresh your car between adventures.

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