How Reliable are Used Cars?

You're shopping around for your next car and have decided that a used car might be for you but you have one question. Are used cars reliable?

When choosing a used car, reliability is at the top of your list regarding car priorities as it means it will run for longer and require fewer repairs. And, while buying a used car from a stranger may run some risks, choosing to purchase a used car from a trusted source, can guarantee you a high-quality used car that will make your motoring worry-free.

You can easily buy a reliable used car as long as you do some research beforehand and just because a car has been used before, doesn't mean it's more likely for something to go wrong.

Chapelhouse offers a great range of used cars varying from small but fun city cars all the way up to electric, family-friendly SUVs and we go to great lengths to ensure that our used cars will keep you in good stead, from when we run the first history checkup to it being driven off our forecourt.

We are also proud main dealers for Kia, Suzuki and MG, all of which landed in the top 10 for the WhatCar? Most Reliable Cars for 2022.

 WhatCar? Most Reliable Cars for 2022

Used Cars at Chapelhouse

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Used Cars

All of our used cars come with a minimum 6 months service and if it hasn't been serviced in the last 6 months, the car will be serviced before being delivered, meaning that it arrives in the best condition possible, ready for many miles of happy motoring.

We also offer a minimum of 9 months MOT on all of our used vehicles so you can be sure that the car you're driving away is road worthy and has been checked by fully trained and qualified technicians.

Every used car at Chapelhouse also comes with free MOT for life as standard so you can keep motoring without worry, for longer.

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As a nice gesture that doesn't really have an effect on the reliability of a used car, all or our cars are valeted before delivery, just because it's nice to have that new car feel, even if the car isn't new!

Why Chapelhouse?

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Why Chapelhouse

If you are looking for extra peace of mind, you can opt for choosing an Approved Used car. These often come with additional car manufacturer guarantees and benefits. We offer a great range of Suzuki Approved Used which come with great benefits including in-depth car checks, extended warranties and return guarantees, in the unlikely event you aren't 100% satisfied.

suzuki approved used at chapelhouse
suzuki approved used at chapelhouse
suzuki approved used at chapelhouse
suzuki approved used at chapelhouse

We have eight Suzuki dealerships across the north-west and our teams are always more than happy to answer any questions you may have about new, used or approved used Suzuki cars.

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Suzuki Approved Used