New Kia EV9 Primed to be Electric SUV Showstopper!

Set to arrive in the UK in 2023, the Kia EV9 is expected to be the largest of the Kia electric car models and is set to rival brands like Range Rover in their SUV size and designs. Expected to have a battery range of over 300 miles on a charge, the Kia EV9 reimagines what an all-electric vehicle can be and fuses a bold SUV attitude with the credentials of an EV.
Kia EV9 concept car

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The Kia EV9 Concept Car

The all-electric Kia EV9 was revealed and showcased as a concept car in Los Angeles in 2021. Karim Habib, Senior Vice President, and Head of Kia Global Design Centre saying “The Kia Concept EV9 is another important marker for us in what has been an incredible journey so far for the new Kia brand. Having made our intentions clear - to become a global leader in sustainable mobility solutions - we have had to carefully assess how the near- to medium-term future will impact every type of vehicle and model.”

The Kia EV9 concept car is sustainable and eco-friendly with environmentally conscious fabrics used throughout the interior and solar panels on the bonnet of the car to help you go further before charging, saving more on running costs.

The Kia EV9 sees opposites united creating a relationship between nature and machine and marrying a bold exterior with an interior space that is visionary to create a car that is bold, innovative and pushes the boundaries of modern motoring.

Nature is brought closer to machines with the large panoramic sunroof that runs the length of the car and the beautifully sleek windows that create a direct connection to the outside world.

Opposites are also united within the design of the car, combing sharp, angular, geometric lines that stand tall with soft curving side panels and an interior that is designed to give you and your passengers the most approachable, comfortable and immersive driving experience possible.

The interior of the concept EV9 sees a large 27-inch touchscreen, one of the largest floating screens within a car, only rivalled by the 32-inch screen of the BMW 7 Series. It is complete with seats that are able to rotate within the cabin, allowing the passengers to alter the interior layout.

Kia EV9 Interior Cabin

High tech 27” display connects the Concept EV9 from the real-world to the virtual one.

Kia EV9 concept car star LED headlights

The hood vent duct area is utilised as a solar panel, helping to regain some of the electric energy that the Concept EV9 uses.

Kia EV9 concept full view

Retractable roof rails that close inward into the roof of the Concept EV9 when not in use, creating smooth airflow over the vehicle.

Kia EV9 concept car interior cabin space

Next-gen camera monitoring system that replaces the conventional wing mirrors further improves aerodynamic properties while enhancing the spatial awareness of the driver.

The Kia EV9 Production Car

The production version of the Kia EV9 loses some of its original concept designs, including the rear-hinged rear door, and the minimalistic steering wheel. It also sees a loss of some of the more angular and sharp edges within its design, no doubt to improve aerodynamics and the range of the car and the rearview blind spot cameras have been replaced with standard wing mirrors.

Kia EV9 camo side view

Original wheels have been replaced with more 'toned down'  22-inch alternatives while still offering a wide and tall look.

Kia EV9 Camo rear view

The lines of the car's design have been softened to increase the car's electric range capabilities.

Kia EV9 camo front view

Wing mirrors replace the concept rear-view camera system

Sitting on a wheelbase of 3100mm the Kia EV9 has been built on Kia's advanced Electric Global Modular Platform (E-GMP), the same platform as the Kia EV6. This will be the largest model in the Kia repertoire, with the battery expected to be larger than the Kia EV6 and the chassis and base being much larger than the Kia Sportage.

The interior of the Kia EV9 hasn't been revealed yet but it is sure to be filled with innovative technology, including a 27-inch touchscreen display that seamlessly combines the driver's display and infotainment centre. It is unlikely that the rotating cabin seats will make the production car but trim levels may be added to achieve varying interiors.

The family SUV is a 7-seater with three rows of seats so it's perfect for families tackling traffic in densely populated urban areas while still offering the option to experience leisure activities further away from the city centre.

It is also expected to be the first Kia car to feature Automode autonomous driving technology and to utilise both over-the-air software updates and feature on demand (FOD).

The Kia EV9 is expected to be launched with two variants - a dual-motor, four-wheel-drive range-topper, as well as an entry-level variant fitted with a single electric motor powering the rear axle for a rear-wheel drive version. Pricing is still a grey area but it is predicted to start where the Kia EV6 finishes, with a starting price of around £50,000.

A camouflage variant of the car was snapped during a test run at the Nurburgring. Suggesting the production car is almost ready for the market. An official reveal could come as early as this year.

The Kia EV9

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