The Importance of Being Manufacturer Trained

At Chapelhouse, we pride ourselves on our expertise within the motor trade. This includes staying on the ball when it comes to our service teams. As the industry and technology progress, it's important for us to keep up!

Whether petrol, diesel or all-electric, we are proud that our service technicians are manufacturer trained and approved, providing you with the best possible peace of mind, no matter your car!

Mark, a trained EV and MG specialist with Chapelhouse, gave us an insight into the importance of being manufacturer-trained. Since joining Chapelhouse, Mark has achieved his EV accreditation and is currently working towards his Silver Accreditation with MG. To achieve his accreditations, he has had to complete a mixture of online theory learning and physical training.

EV Trained Tech at Chapelhouse

Manufacturer Approved Repairer Are They the Right Choice?

When it comes to developments within brands or the operation of their vehicles, manufacturer-approved technicians are always kept on top of things, so you can rest assured your technician has the latest information!

"As a manufacturer-trained Technician, we have access to the brand, and we can request extra advice and technical support that other garages may not be able to get. We also have access to MG parts so we know that what we are fitting into the car is made for that car, as well as up-to-date software that keeps the car running and functioning to the highest ability."

An approved repairer has access to manufacturer-approved parts and is trained specifically to work on that vehicle, meaning that they go into each service or repair, knowing the vehicle. This speeds up repair times and gets the car back to you, quicker!

"Using the main dealer means that the car is looked after by trained and experienced technicians that are directly trained by the manufacturer. We also get kept up to date with the latest information so as the Brand develops, so do we."

The icing on the cake, opting to have your car serviced and fixed by a Manufacturer approved technician is important if you wish to keep your warranty intact! Many manufacturers offer long warranty periods and choosing a non-authorised repairer could prematurely bring your warranty to an end.

EV Training Is It Important?

According to an analysis that underlines the rapid growth in demand, as of June 2022, the number of electric cars sold in the UK surpassed half a million. This has soared in comparison to 2019 when fewer than 100,000 units were sold. This means that there are more EV cars on the road than ever before and keeping them in the best possible condition is important, especially if you want to keep the motor ticking past the 200,000-mile average. 

Electric cars are built and operate differently from petrol or diesel cars and are more technology-based with fewer moving parts and therefore require a different approach when it comes to repairs and electric vehicle services.

"You must be safety-conscious with any vehicle, but EVs require extra precautions as there is a higher risk of electrocution. Depending on the work, you have to make sure the car is fully powered down before beginning your project. "

Working on electric vehicles also comes with different risks from working on a petrol or diesel car. The risk of electrocution is much higher and understanding software can be complicated, especially when software is continually updated with new improvements.

"In some instances, it can be more challenging to work on Electric vehicles as they are much more software dependant."

A specialist EV-trained technician has undertaken all necessary health and safety training to ensure that your car is fixed, safely and to the highest possible standard. As EV and brand specialists, they also have easier access to regular updates, information and knowledge on how to best operate and undergo an EV repair compared to other garages that may struggle due to lack of information or know-how.

The overall benefit of choosing a manufacturer-approved repairer is that the work could be done more quickly and to a higher standard, and you will also have the benefit of maintaining the warranty of your car.

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