Who is the new car brand OMODA?

OMODA is the latest new car brand to enter the UK, arriving in May 2024. 

OMODA is one of two new car brands to launch this year, along with its premium sibling brand JAECOO. Both OMODA and JAECOO are fall under the banner of Chery - China's largest car manufacturer. 

Unlike many new Chinese cars brands that have launched in the UK in the past few years, OMODA won't solely be focussing on electric cars immediately.

Understanding that there is still a huge demand for ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) vehicles, OMODA is committed to offering a range of petrol and hybrid SUVs for UK drivers, along with the option for EV models too.

Omoda cars at Chapelhouse

What is the history of OMODA and Chery?

Despite being founded relatively recently, in 1997, Chery is one of China's oldest and most successful car manufacturers. 

Chery builds around 2 million cars each year under its own name, as well as other subsidiary brands, including OMODA and JAECOO. 

Chery's upcoming launch into the UK market is only set to strengthen its position as China's largest car exporter worldwide - a title it has held for the past 20 years.

OMODA originally launched in 2022 and is the newest brand to come from under the Chery umbrella. Along with JAECOO, OMODA is the company's two main export brands.

OMODA has already seen the successful release of its OMODA 5 model in continental Europe, Africa, Australia and other Asian countries.

Omoda cars at Chapelhouse

Why should I buy an OMODA car?

OMODA is a brand that specialises in Crossovers and SUVs that exude sportiness and the latest fashion, combined with premium engineering and dynamic tech.   

The OMODA 5 is the first model set to be launched in the UK. This mid-sized SUV is comparable to the likes of the Hyundai Kona and Nissan Qashqai, so it will be the perfect fit for any family. 

However, OMODA aims to take on the European giants, such as Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz, in terms of premium quality build and high-end tech.

Omoda cars at Chapelhouse

The OMODA 5 is a real standout looks-wise, thanks to its eye-catching front grille that stretches right across the front end of the vehicle. 

It is powered by a 1.6-litre petrol engine and comes kitted with the latest tech and cutting-edge driver assistance features. Keyless Entry & Start, Smartphone Wireless Charging, Blind Spot Detection, Lane Keeping Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control, and Apple CarPlay & Android Auto all come as standard. 

Pricing of the OMODA 5 is set to start at an affordable £25,000 for the entry level Comfort trim, while the top spec Nobel model will cost £27,000.

The top of the range OMODA 5 Noble offers Heated Seats & Steering Wheel, 360-degree parking camera, and electric tailgate additionally.

A fully electric version of the OMODA 5 will be along later this year too, in the shape of the OMODA E5. 

It will be available with a 61kWh battery, equating to a range of 273 miles from a single charge. Rapid charging from 30%-80% can be done in as little as 28 minutes. 

The OMODA E5 is expected to start at £33,000 - again much more competitively priced than many of its market rival EVs. And while there has yet to be any official confirmation, it is estimated that a HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicle) version of the OMODA 5 will be launched in early 2025. 

Can I rely on buying a Chinese car, such as an OMODA?

There are many myths and misinformation that surrounds Chinese-made cars. 

A common misconception is that Chinese cars are poorer in quality compared to those built in Europe. But that couldn't be further from the truth. The skyrocketing popularity of MG in the UK is testament to that. 

MG cars are now produced by China's SAIC Motor company, with the brand's marque and heritage being the only link back to its British roots.

The OMODA 5 has been road tested by Euro NCAP and returned a full five-star safety rating. Adding to that, OMODA offers an industry-leading 7-year/100,000-mile new car warranty to further reassure any concerns UK customers may have. 

The reliability of the brand has been compared to that of MG, who also offers a 7-year warranty deal

OMODA does have a European influence at its heart, however. The company's Chief Engineer is Peter Matkin, who spent 15 years with Jaguar Land Rover, and heads up a team sourced from many other popular European car brands..

Where can I find my nearest OMODA dealership?

Officially launching in May 2024, you can find OMODA in the North West at Chapelhouse OMODA Warrington and Chapelhouse OMODA Blackpool.

Chapelhouse Warrington and Blackpool dealerships will also be the home of JAECOO when that launches in July 2024. 

Servicing and Parts will also be accommodated at Chapelhouse OMODA & JAECOO. The brands are dedicated to ensuring that any part is available to any dealership on a next-day basis, including complete EV battery packs.