Why Going Electric Makes Sense

With global initiatives shifting their focus to being more sustainable and eco-friendly, the demand for Electric Vehicles (EV) has drastically risen and with the constant improvement and innovation being displayed in Electric Vehicles, the benefits of choosing electric are quickly out-weighing choosing petrol or diesel options.

With benefits to both your bank account and the environment, it makes sense to choose electric.

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They Save You Money

Electric Vehicles might have a higher purchase price but due to there being no oil needed or spark plugs, maintenance costs are cheaper in comparison to petrol and diesel cars. Unlike petrol and diesel engines, Lithium-Ion Batteries and electric motors don't need regular maintenance to keep performing. 

There's also no need to fill up and most slow chargers from EV cars are free to use, saving you money on running costs too!

To save your bank balance even further, there are also tax relief incentives for opting to go electric including savings on company car tax, congestion charges and road tax.

Charging Points are Everywhere

You can park your EV almost anywhere and have a charging station available. Though it might be a slow charge, you can charge an electric car while you're at work, doing your shopping or enjoying a show at the theatre is enough to keep it juiced up between journeys.

Plus, with EV technology constantly developing and improving, EV cars are able to go further and further between charges so waiting around while it charges is less of a worry.

They Can Save you Time

Just like saving you money at the pump, skipping the petrol station queue will also save you time and as EV cars become more mainstream, a charging port can be installed allowing the option of charging at home. Similar to charging your mobile, you can plug in and fully charge your car overnight.

If you opt for fast or rapid charging, modern Electric Cars boast the ability to reach 80% charge in as little as 18 minutes.

They Offer a Better Driving Experience

Electric cars have more torque so they are quicker off the line and provide smooth and responsive acceleration and deceleration. They also have a lower centre of gravity that improves handling and driving comfort.

They Reduce Noise Pollution 

EV cars are almost silent when accelerating and driving, at most, they emit a quiet hum. Rather than engines revving as they take off, Electric cars take off smoothly and quietly. 

There has been some debate as to whether EV cars are too quiet but it can only be a benefit if you live in a busy town or city.

They are Becoming More Mainstream

People are choosing electric cars more and more which in turn is increasing the demand for more cars that are fit for specific purposes. Because of this, EV cars have become more dynamic. The average EV now has a range of over 250 miles, making them far more suitable for long-distance driving.

They are also no longer limited to being smaller cars. As families and companies aim to be greener, larger SUVs have been developed that are more suited to more people.

They are Convenient

Even if you opt for a mild or Plug-in Hybrid EV, a quick trip to the shop will be covered by the electric motor in your car, saving you both time and money in the long run.

Plug-in and Electric Cars often also come with the benefit of specific parking spots in garages and supermarket parking lots, saving the inconvenience of finding a space.

In some cases, Electric Cars also come with reduced or free tolls and express lanes.

They are Kinder to You

Toxins that are produced by petrol and diesel cars can be detrimental to your health. Pollutants from car exhaust can aggravate or contribute to health issues such as Asthma and Bronchitis. Opting to go electric minimises the potential toxins in the air, allowing for cleaner and fresher breathing for generations to come.

They are Kinder to the Environment

Perhaps the most obvious of all the reasons but Electric cars don't produce C02 emissions. This means cleaner air free of toxins and with the amount of personal and fleet cars on the road, this can only be better for the environment around us.

The cleanliness of using EV cars is set to only become cleaner as we move towards using more solar and wind power to produce the electricity needed to power the car. An EV run on renewable energy can operate almost completely emission-free.

Fluids from petrol and diesel car engines can leak into soils and the water supply, becoming hazardous and poisonous to both plants and animals.

Electric Vehicles at Chapelhouse

At Chapelhouse, we are proud to be part of the movement toward a more sustainable future and as authorised dealers for MG, Suzuki and Kia, we are able to offer a wide range of EV cars that are suitable for every need. Whether you are driving to and from work or road-tripping with family in tow, EV cars are a sustainable and strong option for the future of driving.

Hybrid and EV Range at Chapelhouse

More information on the range of Hybrid and EV cars available at Chapelhouse

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