Chapelhouse receives TISCreport UK Transparency Compliance Award 2023

Chapelhouse has been awarded a full five-star compliance rating for our UK modern slavery statements, as part of the Transparency in Supply Chains (TISC) Report 2023. 

As a Group, we're very proud of being recognised as an ethical business, which is based upon the Home Office Statutory Guidance. It is part of the Chapelhouse DNA to treat both our employees and customers fairly. 

Good compliance is one of the indicators of good governance, so we're exceptionally proud of the work of our compliance team, headed by Group Compliance Manager, Su Mawdsley. 

Su has worked tirelessly in keeping up the standards we need the whole world to embrace.

Anti-Slavery Month is held every October to raise awareness and call for more action against modern-day slavery practices. It is based around Anti-Slavery Day, which takes place on 18th October each year, with events occurring throughout the month. 

This year, the TISCreport published the corporate Section 54 UK Modern Slavery Act Compliance List to help shine a light on companies leading the way, of which one was Chapelhouse. The full list of businesses recognised can be found here:

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