Gearing up at Carswap!

This month sees the return of Chapelhouse's infamous CarSwap event! Taking the north by storm, the event theme is massive savings and ORANGE! 

Running from May 21st to May 29th. CarSwap lets you swap your current car for a newer, higher spec model and With over 1000 cars in stock, available from as low as £69 per month there is plenty of choice available. 

The teams have been working hard getting their CarSwap 'looks' showroom ready and now, as the event approaches, we are going to take a moment and review some of what our customers can expect.

Chapelhouse MG Wigan

The Chapelhouse MG Wigan trio looking strong in their power stances! Clearly, they are ready to offer some sick deals to customers!

The balloon arch makes for an outstanding choice of accessory for this event and compliments the symmetry of the 2 black MGs beautifully!

Chapelhouse Suzuki Warrington

Chapelhouse Suzuki Warrington has taken the theatrical and artistic path with this picture showing that their salesmen are always smiling and up for a bit of fun!  The repetitiveness within this image with the cars and people is completely eye-catching and the CarSwap caps really finish it all off!

Chapelhouse Suzuki Preston

Suzuki Preston is delivering crisp elegance. The symmetry of the team highlights the banner and their framing gives CarSwap centre stage, a unique choice on their part! 

Chapelhouse Kia, MG and Suzuki Southport

Kia Southport has opted for smiles and balloons, creating a clean and welcoming image. The placement of the Salesman with their individual balloons and caps brings in an element of fun and adding the event logo is also a clever and cool touch!

Teaming up to make an epic Chapelhouse Team photo, Chapelhouse MG and Suzuki have gone all out, all repping the orange tops and caps and finishing off with extra Carswap flags and balloons! They have put the extra into CarSwap's extra savings!

Joining forces even further, everyone at Southport teamed together to create a powerhouse of personality! Oozing fun, this represents not only CarSwap but the Chapelhouse family! 

Chapelhouse Suzuki Wigan

Chapelhouse Suzuki Wigan is going the extra mile with the CarSwap licence plates and the golden balloons! They clearly understood the assignment. Shiny, sleek Suzuki and the sun out really bring out the orange of the CarSwap t-shirts!

They also took the opportunity to really amp it up with their Chapelhouse CarSwap Car! 

The team at Suzuki Blackburn are all smiles! Looking completely comfortable and co-ordinated and using the sun to their advantage to show off the shine on the cars and their CarSwap flags! 

Carswap at Chapelhouse officially starts May 21st and must end May 29th! Massive savings to be had across all of our showrooms! Our teams are suited and booted in their themes and are ready to help you find your next car!

How does the Chapelhouse CarSwap event work?  

  •  We will fully prepare all the vehicles and display them for you to browse around. 
  • The price of every car will be reduced and PRICED TO SELL. The Car Swap price will be displayed on every windscreen together with the original price and the saving you will make. 
  • Your vehicle will be valued on arrival, whilst you enjoy a hot drink of your choice. 
  • Choose the car you want from the selection available and take your valuation form to a sales executive and either do a straight swap, get cashback, or pay the difference.

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