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There are many factors that can affect the value of your car. Its age, the mileage on the clock and how much wear and tear your car has, both physically and mechanically, will determine how much money you'd be able to get for it. 

Other factors that may impact on the value of your car can include the number of previous owners the vehicle has had and whether there is a full service history.

It may go without saying but we'll say it anyway: your car will have a higher value if it's relatively new, has low mileage, and is in sound overall condition.

Can I get my car valued at Chapelhouse?

Yes, you can.  

At Chapelhouse, we can give you a valuation on your car, even if you aren't thinking about buying a car in near future. 

Getting a regular valuation on your car can be helpful so you know how much you're likely to get for a part-exchange at any point in the future. Our knowledgeable sales team will even help you understand how any outstanding finance on the car will affect how much you'd be entitled to. 

How do I get my car valued at Chapelhouse?

There are two easy ways to find out your car's price. 

Our online car valuation tool is quick and simple to use. All you'll need is the car's registration number and its current mileage.  

We get our online valuations courtesy of CAP HPI - a trusted leader in the motor industry. They offer accurate and up to date results to make sure the information given reflects the current market conditions. 

Alternatively, you can pop into your local Chapelhouse dealership and one of our friendly Sales Executives will give you a free car valuation. They will also fully explain all the options you have going forward and how to get the best deal when it comes to changing your car.

Chapelhouse online car valuation

Discover how much your car is worth in a few simple clicks.

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How does part-exchange work?

When the time comes for you to buy a new car, or another used model, we will give you the money that your current car is worth to help fund the purchase. This is known as part-exchanging your car.   

At Chapelhouse, we have a fantastic range of New and Used Cars to choose from across our group stock, so we're sure to have the right car for you. 

It's helpful to know how much your current car is worth when planning to part-exchange, so you can find out what is affordable to you and if a car fits within your budget. We also offer excellent, flexible finance deals to give you low monthly payments so that you can drive away in the car that fits your needs.