What are the benefits of buying ex-demonstrators?

When it comes to buying a car, you're almost always given two choices: New or Used. But it doesn't have to be an either/or decision. 

Ex-demonstrators are an option that car buyers sometimes don't consider, or aren't even aware of, when it comes to changing their car. Technically, ex-demonstrators classed as used cars but come with a lot of the benefits of buying a brand new car.

What is an ex-demonstrator car?

Ex-demonstrators, commonly known as 'ex-demos', are cars that are registered to a car dealership from new. They are most often used as company cars for dealership staff or as showroom display models. 

Unlike a brand-new model or a pre-registered car, they will have been out on the road and likely had several drivers behind the wheel in its short lifetime. They're typically used to take customers out on test drives so they can get a feel for the car before buying a new car. 

What are the benefits of buying an ex-demonstrator at Chapelhouse?

'New car for used car money'

This is a phrase you usually used to highlight the main benefit of buying an ex-demonstrator. 

The value of all cars depreciates over time. This is no different for ex-demonstrators, even if they've been sitting on display in a car showroom for a few months. Put simply, you could buy what is essentially a new car with very few miles on the clock, for a significantly discounted price. 

Chapehouse ex-demonstrators

Find an ex-demo to fit you from our range of high spec, low mileage models.


Low miles and known previous owner

When it comes to buying any car that has already been used, the two questions that tend to crop up first are: 'how many miles on the clock?' and 'how many previous owners has it had?'. 

It's entirely possible to find an ex-demonstrator that hasn't even left the showroom! You could pick up a nearly new car for a great price with delivery miles on the clock.

Though as previously explained, it's more common for an ex-demo to have been driven at some point. The typical ex-demonstrator will have a few thousand miles under its belt at the most. This is still a huge advantage of buying an ex-demos over a regular used car. 

With a Chapelhouse ex-demonstrator, you know that it has only had one previous owner - us! 

Immediate delivery

As ex-demonstrators will likely already be on display in a dealership, they're available to be driven away with very little waiting time. Compare that to the new car market in the current economic climate, you could be waiting weeks or even months, firstly for your new car to be built, and secondly to arrive in the country.  

If you need a car with great features and high reliability at short notice, then buying an ex-demonstrator could be the way to go for you.

Excellent condition

Unlike many other used cars out there for sale, you're guaranteed that an ex-demonstrator will have been kept in tip top condition. Ex-demonstrators at Chapelhouse are maintained to the highest standard so you won't have any headaches when it comes to taking one out on the road. 

In the unlikely event that an ex-demo has experienced any problems, it will have been diagnosed and repaired thoroughly by our expertly trained Chapelhouse technicians.

High spec

More often than not, it is the higher spec models that are used as the display cars in showrooms to show potential buyers the full range of features on offer. This means that an ex-demonstrator is likely to have all the gadgets, and a range of great safety features you'd look for in a car, as standard.

Balance of warranty

The warranty plan is passed over on a car when it changes from new to used. The same applies when it's an ex-demonstrator. With Kia and MG seven-year warranty plans, you can still benefit from the full balance of the manufacturer's warranty when you buy a Kia or MG ex-demonstrator.

When is the best time to buy an ex-demonstrator?

There is no better time than now to start looking for the right ex-demonstrator for you. We have a wide variety of ex-demonstrators ready and available here at Chapelhouse.  

Get a great deal on our low-mileage Suzuki, Kia, and MG ex-demonstrators - but be quick, because once they're gone, they're gone!