A guide to MG’s Vehicle to Load Charging

What is Vehicle to Load Charging?

Vehicle to Load (V2L) charging is a cool new feature in MG's electric car range. Essentially, it allows you to power everyday appliances via the charging port of an MG4 EV, an MG ZS EV, or an MG5 EV

V2L technology gives you the freedom to power and use household items in remote locations thanks to no longer having to rely on a stationary power supply. You can power devices such as an electric scooter, charge your laptop on the go, or even use a kettle, electric cooking equipment or even watch TV when you're away camping. 

You have the ability to treat your MG EV as an electric plug on wheels. 

How does it work?

V2L is a bidirectional power feature that works by plugging the adapter directly into the charge socket. This then converts direct current to alternating current, which enables you to charge other devices. It might sound technical and complicated, but instead of the power going into the car's EV battery, the charge flows out via the V2L adapter and into your electronic devices. 

We have become accustomed to Wi-Fi hotspots, but the V2L function turns your car into a type of travelling electricity hotspot. All you have to do is connect your device to the car and you have an electric power source anywhere you like. 

MG5 EV V2L charging
MG5 EV V2L charging

How can it benefit you and other EV drivers?

V2L charging means that you can even charge other electric vehicles directly from your car. It cuts out an overreliance on getting to the nearest charging station if you're making a journey with another EV driver. Simply connect the two cars with an EV cable and share the energy stored in their battery to yours for fast and easy charging. 

For the Good Samaritans among us, it's also useful if you see a stranded EV driver who has run out of power altogether. You can connect your charging cable to power up their car and help them on their way. 

Switching to electric driving

If you have been considering making the switch to electric driving from traditional petrol and diesel cars, now is the perfect time to do so. 

Models such as the MG4 EV and MG5 EV are built upon MG's innovative new Modular Scalable Platform (MSP). The stunning piece of technology allows for MG's electric cars to travel longer distances than their market rivals and at a more affordable price too. The MSP also allows you to change the battery in your EV. 

The MG4 starts at just £26,995 and can travel over 300 miles on a single charge. That puts pay to any range anxiety you may have, even before you consider the possibility of V2L charging from another MG EV. 

The bold design, technology, and the affordability of the MG4 EV has seen it hoover up motoring awards since its launch last year, including the prestigious UK Car of the Year 2023. This marks the 15th major award win that the all-electric hot hatch has achieved since its launch in September '22. 

The independent awards ceremony is designed specifically for the UK car-buying public. The expert judging panel is made up of some of the most respected motoring journalists in the country. 

The MG5 EV, starting at just £30,995, is a firm favourite among families and taxi drivers alike, thanks to its excellent practicality and space afforded. These great qualities of the MG5 EV even led to it being voted the 'Best Car for Dog Owners' in 2022. 

MG4 EV UK Car of the Year 2023
MG5 EV estate car