How do I get the most miles out of my EV?

With the cost of petrol and diesel going through the roof in the past year, many motorists have switched to hybrid and electric driving to counter the cost of driving. 

In 2022 43% of all Kia new car sales in the UK had a hybrid, plug-in hybrid or fully electric drivetrain. These 42,988 Kia sales show that motorists are increasingly shunning traditional petrol and diesel models in favour of more cost-effective driving. And 2023 is sure to see the electric driving boom grow even further. 

Many hybrid and plug-in hybrid models on the market now have Eco-modes too, in which you can power your car short distances on pure electric.

But there are ways of getting even more mileage out of electric vehicles with huge driving ranges, such as the increasingly popular MG4 EV.

All-new Kia Niro EV
MG4 EV in volcanic orange

Unfortunately, charging your EV does carry running costs, but thankfully nowhere nearly as much as at the petrol pump. The average price per kilowatt hour in the UK is 63p according to the RAC's 2022 figures. Using public rapid charging point providers such as Opsrey and Gridserve could set you back between 60p and 80p per kWh. 

With the UK EV drivers covering an average 9,435 miles per year, you can still save yourself a few hundred quid across those 12 months by adapting your driving style and getting the absolute max performance out of your EV.

Choose the right EV for you

First off, if you're still thinking of switching to electric, it's imperative to choose the right model and spec to suit your needs. The biggest EV may not always be the most cost effective for your driving habits.  

The MG5 Sportswagon and MG ZS SUV Long Range versions, with their larger capacity load spaces, would be the right choice for a family of four with a penchant for camping. 

The MG4 SE hot hatch may be the better option instead if you don't necessarily require the extra boot space and prefer a more dynamic driving experience.

If you're looking for raw power, the Kia EV6 GT will be right up your street. It's dual motor can achieve a massive 577bhp and can go 0-62mph in just 3.5 seconds - by far Kia's most powerful car to date. 

Plan your journey

Motorway driving is unfortunately the greatest drain on your EV battery. Plot your route ahead of time and avoid any unnecessary trips along the motorway when an A road will do the job just as well. It may take a little bit longer, but you'll save yourself more than a few miles on your driving range.

Find the right EV for you

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Go electric

Go easy on the accelerator

A huge amount of energy can be wasted by hitting the accelerator too hard when moving off from a standing start.  

Slower and steady is the way to go to get the maximum range.

Go easy on the brake

Ok, it might sound like a contradiction from the previous point, but using the regenerative braking effectively in your EV will increase your battery life.  

Anticipate the traffic flow on the road ahead and take your foot off the accelerator. This will slow down your EV and the regenerative braking will kick in. The regenerative braking system redirects power to the battery from the deceleration of the wheels. 

In turn, you won't need to accelerate as much again, compared to hitting the brake pedal harder in the first place.

MG5 EV sportswagon charging point
Kia EV6 GT charging
MG ZS EV charging point

Lighten your load

This is a great driving tip in general, regardless if you're driving an EV or not. Carrying unnecessary weight in your car will obviously make it heavier and therefore you will need to expend more energy to power your car. 

Remove the roof rack if you're not using it or take the golf clubs out of the boot if you're not off to play 18 holes.

Watch your speed

As the old saying goes, the speed limit is a guide, not a target. The faster you drive, the more power the EV battery will use. Reducing your speed from 60mph to 50mph can save you up to 15% of your overall charge.

Pre-heat your car only when necessary

Innovative smartphone apps, such as Kia Connect and MG iSmart, allow you to control your EV's climate control, air conditioning, and even heated seats remotely before you even enter your car. 

Although it may be tempting to use this every time before a journey, it's imperative to use great features like this wisely. Whacking the heating up to 11 on a mild day will only serve to reduce your battery power and cost you more on your next charge

Kia Connect smartphone app

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