Are you more EV, PHEV or Self Charging?

As the economy gets tougher to navigate and consumers continue to become more environmentally conscious, it is no surprise that the number of hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and electric cars has continued to soar. 

But with more and more electric cars on the market, deciding which would suit you and your needs can be challenging. Here, we have broken down the different types of electric vehicles and what makes each so great!

One benefit of all these cars is enjoying lower road tax than the standard petrol or diesel model equivalent.

Self-Charging Hybrid Cars

Self-charging Hybrids use an electric motor combined with a petrol or diesel engine. They use a battery pack that is charged directly from the engine and from regenerative braking.

Self-charging cars are ideal for those who don't have access to charging points. They are particularly efficient for those who make many quick trips out and about as the cars recoup energy during stop-start driving.

On average, a self-charging hybrid is running on electric around 50% of the time and when it isn't, the electric motor works in conjunction with the engine to minimise fuel consumption and tailpipe emissions. This means you can enjoy a longer drive than you would normally experience in a petrol or diesel car but with less fuel.

The self-charging hybrid also tends to come with a lower starting price so you could be saving more money from the offset. If you are planning more urban-based driving, you could save a lot of money.

Plug-in Hybrid Cars

One of the biggest benefits of a plug-in hybrid is the freedom to not have to wait around for lengthy charging times that can occur with fully electric cars. Once the battery runs out, the electric motor continues to work in tangent with the standard engine, giving better overall fuel economy and the freedom for longer motorway driving.

Plug-in hybrids get a longer range from the battery with around 30 to 60 miles per charge, so they are perfect for school runs, quick errands or short work commutes before the engine kicks in.

Due to the lower need for electricity in a plug-in hybrid, consumers can opt for a lower lever charger at home, this might be slow for a full EV but works great for a lower-range PHEV car.

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All Electric Cars

Electric cars are ideal for diminishing your carbon footprint as they release no emissions when being used and, as electricity production gets cleaner, so does the car, giving you a clear conscience when it comes to environmental impact.

They are also great for longer periods of motorway driving and battery ranges from a single charge are only continuing to get better, giving longer periods of time between the need to charge. Charging points are also popping up more and more often so there is more chance to charge should it be needed.

The final and possibly biggest reason to choose all-electric is to save money on fuel. With petrol prices on the increase, electric cars are becoming more and more budget-friendly, even with the rise in electricity prices, charging still works out cheaper than filling a tank. This becomes more of a positive as companies have started including slow chargers, meaning you can charge for free while at work or an event.

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