What is MG 7-year warranty and how does it work?

All new MG cars come with MG's 7-year/80,000-mile warranty. But what is MG warranty, how does it work, and what is covered?

First off, what is warranty?

Warranty is a term issued to you in your contract with a manufacturer that promises to replace or repair an item within a specific period of time. So when you purchase an MG car from new, you're guaranteed that an approved MG repairer, such as Chapelhouse, will repair your car to the manufacturer's standard up to seven years after its registration date.  

The 7-year MG warranty period comes as standard on every new MG car, be it petrol, plug-in hybrid or a fully electric model. The 7-year warranty plan was introduced in 2019 to give all MG customers that ultimate peace of mind that in the unfortunate occasion that something goes wrong on your car that's down to manufacturer or material defect, your car will be repaired to the highest standard free of charge. 

What is covered by MG's warranty plan?

There are a whole host of different parts of your car that are covered by the MG warranty plan. Clutch components, brake discs, oil and air filters, spark plugs, bulbs, fuses, remote batteries, and all other serviceable items are covered for the first 12 months or until you've covered 15,000 miles - whichever comes first. Paint and anti-perforation warranty are also included to safeguard the exterior of your MG for the first 36 months. 

You must report any defect to an MG Authorised repairer immediately. Continuing to drive for a prolonged period with a known fault may result in your warranty claim being invalidated. 

Any paint repair must also be carried out by an Authorised MG body shop. For instance, Chapelhouse's own body shop uses only manufacturer trained specialist repairers and manufacturer approved parts. The Chapelhouse Body Shop is located beside our Warrington Suzuki dealership.

You can find a comprehensive list of what is covered by MG's warranty plan here.

MG3 in red
MG ZS in red

What is not covered by MG's warranty plan?

There are exceptions to the warranty plan that mainly include damage and defects that aren't caused by the manufacturer. 

Fittings and parts that aren't MG Authorised or alterations that have caused the car to vary from MG's original specification will invalidate your claim. 

As would not keeping your MG adequately maintained throughout your ownership. You must have your car serviced regularly in accordance with MG's service schedule, i.e., every 12 months. 

Using your MG for racing, rallying, or any kind of competitive driving is another aspect that is understandably not covered by the warranty plan. 

Finally, tyres are also excluded from the MG warranty. While all other 'wear and tear' items on your MG are subject to the warranty plan, your tyres sadly aren't.

What about my EV battery?

In the case that the battery for your electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle is damaged, claims will only be accepted as long as the high voltage battery has been opened or removed by an MG Authorised New Energy Repairer. 

At Chapelhouse MG, we have specially trained EV technicians to diagnose and repair your MG4 EV, ZS EV or MG5 EV to the highest manufacturer standards. 

Mark is one of our EV accredited technicians at Chapelhouse MG Wigan. You can click here to find out why he thinks it's imperative to be a manufacturer trained technician, and an EV specialist in particular, when the needs of modern motorists are shifting.

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Chapelhouse EV trained technician

MG Used Cars

Many MG Used Cars have the balance of the 7-year MG warranty.

Used MG

What happens with MG warranty on Used Cars, and is it transferable?

It is vitally important that all MGs, whether bought from new or used, are kept in their best condition for as long as possible. 

At Chapelhouse MG, all of our used MG stock comes with the balance of the original warranty. It means that if the car was registered two years ago, you will still have five years left to run on that particular warranty plan, to complete the full seven years. 

You can click here to view all the used MG cars we have in stock right across the Chapelhouse Group.

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