What are the differences between an interim and full service?

What is an interim service?

An interim service is similar to a full service. Your vehicle will receive a list of checks, although not as comprehensive as a full service and it is not a legal requirement to have one carried out. 

An interim service will keep your car running to the highest possible standard and keep you and others safe on the road.

What happens at an interim service?

At an interim service, your vehicle will receive an oil change and a brand-new oil filter. Other checks that will be carried out include handbrake, brake pads steering, suspension, seatbelts, front and rear wipers, clutch, gearbox, exhaust, and the battery. All fluid levels will also be topped up. 

What won't be checked include the coolant system, air filter, doors and hinges, locks, radiator, and front and rear brake checks. These will be reserved for your full service.

Does my car need a full or interim service?

An interim service would usually be undertaken six months on from your last full service. It is advisable to book in for an interim service if you exceed the UK average mileage per annum. This currently stands at 12,000 miles - so if you're covering around 6,000 miles over a six-month period. 

You should never book an interim service in place of a full service when it is due. An annual full service is a legal requirement. Failure to keep your vehicle fully serviced each year may result in a hefty fine. 

A service shouldn't also be confused with an MOT test. An MOT test is to ensure your vehicle meets a basic level of safety, but no repairs would be carried out to correct any faults that were to be found. Find out more here about MOT tests at Chapelhouse.

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How long does an interim service take? 

An interim service will usually take around 90 minutes. Compare that to a full service which would normally last up to three hours. 

Obviously, if any faults are found then it will take longer, depending on the severity.

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