Bring Your Whole Self to Work at Chapelhouse

At Chapelhouse, we constantly strive to grow and improve the experience for staff and customers alike. We recognise that the backbone of our company is the teams we have across the northwest who continuously work hard to deliver high-quality service.

It is important that they feel that they can bring their whole selves to work, whatever that statement might mean to them. We are proud to be diverse in opinions, backgrounds, personalities and characters. We strongly believe this is what will continue to help Chapelhouse improve year after year.

We asked our staff what they thought of Chapelhouse, what it's like to work for us and how they felt they could bring their whole selves to work every day.

We believe that communication is key and a driving point for us to develop. We encourage clear, open communication and questions are welcomed and embraced.

Kia General Sales Manager at Chapelhouse Kia Southport, Matthew Francis said 'Chapelhouse is a very positive company where communication is encouraged all the way to the top. I feel my opinions are always valued and there is always support if needed.'

Matt Francis - Chapelhouse Kia Southport

We truly believe that the people are what make Chapelhouse and we aim to continue the family business vibe as we continue to expand. It is important to us that everyone feels welcome and comfortable and that they can be unapologetically themselves as we think this adds to what makes Chapelhouse great.

Dan Finch - Chapelhouse Suzuki Wigan

Dan Finch, Head of Sales at Wigan Suzuki said MG 'Chapelhouse allows you to express your skills and knowledge and put fantastic trust in you, which allows you to feel you can be yourself.'

Chrissie Hanshaw, Chapelhouse Executive Assistant echoed this sentiment by saying 'everyone is friendly and welcoming! Never had any issues raising any concerns with management.'

On average, women make up less than 20% of the automotive workforce and less than 10% of those in executive management positions identify as female. Here at Chapelhouse, we are proud that over 40% of our executive management roles are filled by women.

Sam Roberts, Group Marketing Manager for Chapelhouse said 'I feel supported by Management and HR as I have navigated my career with unexpected developments and issues in my personal life. I'm seen as a person, not a gender or sexuality, by the Senior Management team and I can speak my mind without fear of retribution..'

Sam Roberts - Chapelhouse Marketing Manager
Su Mawdsley - Chapelhouse Compliance Manager

Group Compliance Manager, Su Mawdsley also said 'My Christian faith is important to me and I am confident I am able to display my Christian values in the workplace and talk about my faith openly without fear of ridicule or being seen differently.'

What it means to be a part of Chapelhouse

We are always continuing to improve so that our teams are happy and supported in their varying roles across the business. Only recently, Chapelhouse proudly introduced improved annual leave allowances and long service holiday bonuses as well as better starting salaries.

When laying out plans for the future, Phil Clay, Group Operations Director said 'moving forward we are going to continue to support every member of the Chapelhouse family, by continuingly thinking outside the box and introducing new initiatives on our journey to become an employer of choice.”

Sam Roberts - Chapelhouse Marketing Manager

Motor Trade Careers at Chapelhouse

Interested in a career at Chapelhouse? You can find out more about what it's like to work for us and apply for our vacancies below. 

Working at Chapelhouse

Working for Chapelhouse

We are committed to ensuring our Chapelhouse Team are happy at work, and benefit from a supportive workforce. Find out more about working with us, from front-of-house Sales roles to Technicians helping our customers stay on the road with their cars in tip-top condition.

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Current Vacancies

As a household name, Chapelhouse is a leading motor retailing group that has been in business for over 30 years, expanding to 10 branches across the North West. We provide a rewarding and challenging environment in a customer-focused business ensuring a high level of customer service and quality is given at all times.

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