Be winter ready with Kia Terrain Mode

As the temperature drops and driving conditions get trickier than usual, it's important to know that your car has all the tools to deal with the winter weather. 

This is why Kia has included its Terrain Mode technology as standard on all of their all-wheel drive automatic models, such as the Sportage GT-Line and the Sorento Plug-in Hybrid.  

Terrain Mode aids traction, stability, and control when driving on uneven road surfaces, down muddy lanes, and more importantly at this time of the year, freezing roads. With the simple turn of a dial located on the centre console, you can switch between 'Snow Mode', 'Sand Mode' and 'Mud Mode'.

Kia Sportage in snow

Ready for the winter months

Specially equipped for slippery roads and those snowy country lanes, 'Snow Mode' optimises the hybrid powertrain to maintain forward momentum in conditions where there might be loss of traction.  

It limits torque output from the engine, while transferring it as equally as possible, keeping your front wheels in sync with the rear. The traction control system (TCS) will then activate, in order to apply low levels of braking force to the wheels to optimise traction. 

While all that is going on, the transmission uses shorter shifts so that engine speeds are kept down to prevent your front and rear wheels from slipping.

Kia Sportage in snow
Kia terrain mode


Inspired by the Terrain Mode function, Kia created a one-of-a-kind Sportage to highlight the great attributes of 'Snow Mode'. 

This Kia Sportage is kitted out with steel crossbars on the roof, along with a ski and snowboard carrier. Side steps sit below the doors to allow for easier access in and out of the cabin. 

On the inside, all-weather mats and a boot liner are there to protect from moisture and mud from passengers' snowy boots and other skiing and snowboarding equipment. 

The one-off SUV is also equipped with winter tyres and a winter car kit, which includes a whole host of accessories in case the cold weather takes a sudden turn for the worse. You can find all of these add-ons and accessories on the Kia website when building your new Kia.

Kia winter tyres
Kia mats and accessories
Kia winter car kit

Conquering mud and sand

Kia designed Terrain Mode to have you covered all year round. Sleet and snow will be a distant memory when you're most likely to need 'Mud Mode' and 'Sand Mode'. They were both made with summer in mind! 

If you're driving down a dirt track to a remote camping site or navigating the car parking fields of a notoriously muddy music festival, 'Mud Mode' has your back.

The wheels are driven based on a slightly delayed shift pattern, with smoother application of engine torque throughout the AWD system, and stronger braking force applied via the TCS. 

While it's unlikely that you may be navigating any deserts in the UK any time soon, 'Sand Mode' is ideal for sunny days down at the beach. To avoid any risks of your Kia getting bogged down, higher levels of engine torque output are matched by delayed up-shifts. It also distributes torque as evenly as possible throughout the AWD system, while the TCS also provides a higher level of braking force when needed.   

Kia outfitted two more versions of the best-selling Sportage to best represent the other options in Terrain Mode.

Kia Sportage driving in mud
Kia Sportage at the beach

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