Brand New MG4 Electric to Arrive with 280 Mile Range

Originally launched in China as the MG Mulan, the all-electric car is a continuation of MG's 'Electric for Everyone', joining the MG ranks with the MG ZS EV and the MG5.

Different to other models in the MG line-up, the MG4 is much more angular and sharp in its appearance, with narrow and sharp headlights and a split-design rear spoiler. It also has hints of SUV-style inspiration, mainly from the cladding that runs the length of the doors. Coupled with its size, the MG4 captures attention.

The MG4 hits right in the sweet spot when it comes to its size, At 4,287mm long, 1,836mm wide and 1,506mm tall, the c-segment hatchback is expected to be a popular choice with customers shopping for a family hatchback.

The MG4 is a rear-wheel-drive that promises 50:50 weight distribution for optimum driving pleasure. MG says that it plans further variants of the MG4, including an all-wheel-drive option.

It will be the first of the MG range to feature MG's new, bespoke electric platform called Modular Scalable Platform (MSP) which will become the backbone of future MG models. Developed by MG's parent company, SAIC, the MSP allows for thinner battery packs. MG has said that the MSP platform is the reason that they have been able to develop such a low-slung electric hatchback.

Jhu Jun, Deputy Chief Engineer of SAIC Motors said "Under this design concept, theoretically, batteries ranging from 40 kWh to 150 kWh can be easily achieved. It can meet the energy requirements of the A0 to D class models, providing users with flexible and diverse choices. Users can buy a small battery first, and then replace and upgrade when a longer range is needed."

Official specifications and prices haven't been confirmed for the MG4 yet but two battery options will be offered. A base car using a 51kWh underfloor battery will offer a range of up to 217 miles on a full charge while a longe range model with a 64kWh battery will allow a range of up to 280 miles per charge. The top speed of the MG4 is limited to 99mph and can reach 62mph in under 8 seconds.

The MG4 is currently undergoing a rigorous final 74,5000-mile endurance test under varying test conditions in Europe. It is expected to be launched in the European market toward the end of 2022 with the brand new MG4  set to be on sale in the UK come early 2023!

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