Is the Kia Sportage a 4x4?

The Kia Sportage is the UK's favourite Kia model. The fifth generation of Kia's best-selling SUV was launched in the spring of 2022 with a stunning new design. It features distinctive boomerang-style LED headlights and a modern take on Kia's signature tiger-nose grille. 

The Sportage has a range of 14 different versions and trim levels, starting with the '2' spec, and goes all the way up to the 'GT-Line S'

Kia Sportage Chapelhouse

4x4s sometimes have a reputation for being inefficient gas guzzlers. However, the Kia Sportage has a variety of different powertrain options that maximises fuel economy and won't have you returning to the fuel station quite as often.  

You can choose from a full range of powerful and efficient powertrains. They include Mild Hybrid (MHEV), Full Hybrid (HEV), Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV), and more traditionally, with a petrol or diesel engine. The Sportage really has something to suit every driver.  

Understanding the different types of hybrids and how they work can still be confusing to the average driver, particularly when faced with what can come across as a lot of technical jargon. To put it simply, hybrid cars are powered by both a combustion engine and an electric motor. 

The engine and electric motor work together to share the workload when the car is accelerating to provide better fuel efficiency, lower carbon emissions, and a smoother driving experience. When the car decelerates, power is stored in a battery, which in turn charges the motor - this is known as regenerative braking. 

What are the benefits of a four-wheel drive Sportage?

What many drivers look for in SUVs is the option of four-wheel drive. They are, by design, made to tackle a wide range of driving conditions and terrains. Perhaps you need that extra power to tow a trailer, caravan, or even a horse box. After all, that's why they're are called Sports Utility Vehicles. 

The Sportage offers a four-wheel drive version in its Mild Hybrid, Full Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid models. 

When all four wheels are working in combination, it gives you increased power, comfortable steering, and greater traction on the road when driving in less-than-ideal weather conditions. 

Or, indeed, when driving off-road. Even if one of the wheels isn't in contact with the ground on an uneven dirt track, four-wheel drive gives you that higher level of control over the car to keep you and your passengers secure. 

To go a step further, Terrain Mode now comes as standard in Kia's four-wheel drive models with an automatic gearbox, such as the Sportage Plug-in Hybrid. Simply switch between 'Mud Mode', 'Snow Mode' and 'Sand Mode' with the turn of a dial, and your Sportage will adjust its driving functions to best adapt to the driving and weather conditions. You can click here to read more about Terrain Mode, and how it works.

Kia Terrain Mode Mud
Kia Terrain Mode Snow
Kia Terrain Mode Sand

What about a two-wheel drive Sportage?

While it might seem obvious to choose a four-wheel drive Sportage model based on its high credentials, there are also benefits to going with a two-wheel drive car. If you know you're going to be sticking to the school run and the daily commute, with a bit of motorway driving thrown in for good measure, it makes sense to go with the two-wheel drive Sportage. 

The two-wheel drive option, also known as front-wheel drive, comes as standard on the Sportage. The obvious benefit being that the entry-level version of the Sportage is still a high-quality SUV with a ton of tech and great safety features. It just won't set you back as much as the higher end 'GT-Line' and 'GT-Line S' versions. 

Standard safety features on the Sportage include Lane Keep Assist, Intelligent Speed Limit Assist and Forward Collision Avoidance Assist. The Sportage was named What Car? 'Best Family SUV' 2023 for a reason! 

The two-wheel drive Sportage might also just save you a few extra quid when it comes to insurance if you're working towards a budget. .

Sportage Best Family SUV
Kia DriveWise technology

The award-winning Kia Sportage

If it's four-wheel drive or two-wheel drive that you decide on, the Sportage is an excellent modern SUV for all the family. 

What Car? heaped praise on the car when comparing the Sportage to its 4x4 rivals. The motoring magazine said: “We've group tested the Sportage extensively in various guises over the last 12 months, and it emerged victorious every time. But when you consider its competitive pricing, all of the equipment that you get as standard, and how complete a car the Sportage is, it's easy to see why. 

“It strikes a near-perfect balance between agility and comfort, which gets it off to a great start against any rival. Meanwhile the interior neatly blends practicality with style.”