Kia announces 336-mile electric driving range for the EV9

Kia has announced its brand new EV9 electric SUV is targeting an electric driving range of up to 336 miles according to WLTP. 

The World Harmonised Light Vehicle Testing Procedure measures a car's performance to determine what you can expect in day-to-day driving. They are tested across a range of routes, weather conditions and temperatures.  

And thanks to 800-volt ultra-fast charging capability, the Kia's first fully electric SUV can have sufficient charge to drive almost 150 miles in just 15 minutes. With the Kia EV9, range anxiety will become a thing of the past. 

Kia EV9 GT-Line

The EV9 is based on Kia's game-changing Electric Global Modular Platform (E-GMP). It is the reason for its massive emissions-free range and delivers athletic performance for a car its size. 

There will be a broad choice of electric powertrain options in the EV9 that utilises Kia's latest battery technology. The Standard Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) model will be equipped with a 76.1kWh battery, while the RWD Long Range and All Wheel Drive (AWD) models get a 99.8kWh battery. 

The AWD model comes with two electric motors that give a total power output of 283kW and a combined torque of 600Nm. This means the EV9 has a 0-62mph time of just 6.0 seconds! 

The Vehicle-to-Load (V2L) has been brought to the EV9 that can also be found in the Niro EV and the EV6.  

This bi-directional charging feature allows you to charge electrical devices directly from the EV9's battery. Charge your laptop or drone on the go, or even use electrical camping equipment in remote locations, with your very own portable power source.

Kia EV9 GT Line
Kia EV9 GT Line interior

The EV9 is the first Kia EV to have three rows of seats. Catering for diverse needs, the EV9 comes as either a six or seven-seat car.  

The middle row of seats has a variety of four options - a first in global EVs. The four configurations best accommodate different situations, such as moving, charging, and resting. It includes 3-seater bench seats, basic type, relaxation type, and swivel type. 

The seats styled for relaxation allow for those in the front two rows to recline together while the SUV is charging. 

Meanwhile, when equipped with the two independent swivel seats, the second-row passengers can turn 180 degrees and sit face to face with those situated in the rear seats, who are also provided with USB charging points and cup holders. 

Kia EV9

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Kia EV9 at Chapelhouse

The EV9 also leads the way with technological breakthroughs, such as the Highway Drive Pilot (HDP) system and Kia Connect Store.  

HDP, available in the top spec EV9 GT-Line model, takes a significant step towards full autonomous driving. The SUV is equipped with no less than 15 sensors that can detect objects in a full 360-degree field of vision.  

By providing intelligent and proactive real-time assistance across a wide range of conditions, the HDP system will be capable of conditional Level 3 driving automation where permitted, allowing the driver to temporarily take a break from controlling the steering when in motion.  

The Advanced Driver Assistance Systems include Remote Parking Assist, that allows the EV9 to park itself without the driver even needing to be in the car. This can be done all at the touch of a button via the Kia smart key.  

The Kia Connect Store gives customers the chance to purchase digital features and services on demand via their smartphone. This allows the flexibility to choose the features you want, and can keep upgrading the EV9's capabilities with Over the Air (OTA) updates, anywhere and at any time. 

Innovative features like 'Boost' can be purchased to upgrade the EV9's torque to a huge 700Nm. This can increase its acceleration to cover 0-62 mph in just 5.3 seconds.  

There is also the option to further enhance the Digital Pattern Lighting Grille on the 'Tiger Face', with the addition of the 'Lighting Pattern' feature. A cluster of LED Daytime Running Lights sit beside the new vertical headlamps that add to the EV9's futuristic look. These can be reshaped in a variety of patterns of your choice.

“The EV9 transcends all aspects of the traditional SUV thinking and represents the pinnacle of Kia's design and engineering capabilities,” said Ho Sung Song, President and CEO of Kia. 

“Created to meet the needs of all family members, the EV9 also spearheads Kia's rapid transition to a sustainable mobility solutions provider, not just by its advanced EV architecture, but also through the numerous recycled and sustainable materials used in its creation.” 

Kia's strategic commitment to become a leader in sustainable mobility doesn't just end with the introduction of ground-breaking electric vehicles like the EV9 and the EV6 GT. Its plan to go carbon neutral by 2045 also encompasses the use of materials by which the vehicles are constructed. 

The EV9 is a pioneering milestone as it's the first model to embrace Kia's three-step Design Sustainability Strategy. This sees the initial phasing out of the use of leather and the increase of bio-based materials, such as corn, sugar cane and natural oils. The brand also targets an increased proportion of recycled plastics it uses - up to 20% by 2030. 

The brand new EV9 is scheduled to go on sale globally in the second half of 2023. Until then, you can explore Kia's current award-winning EV line-up that includes the Niro EV, EV6, EV6 GT and the Soul EV