Kia launches new MyOrder programme for its customers.

Kia is delighted to announce the introduction of the brand-new Kia MyOrder communications programme. 

This will enable Kia to keep direct contact with their customers, and update them when necessary, during the ordering process. Not only this, but they can now show them other products and accessories the customer may wish to purchase while they await their new Kia delivery.

Kia will let you know when:

- Your car has been scheduled for production

- Your car is in production

- Your car is ready for shipping and when it will be ready for collection from your Kia dealership. 

It's natural for you to have many questions and queries regarding such an important purchase. This is why it's vitally important to Kia to keep their customers informed and engaged while they're waiting for their new car to arrive.

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What can Kia MyOrder offer you? 

During the order process, it's imperative to Kia to keep regular contact with their customers to update them on their new car. If the customer consents, Kia will be able to send them:

Walkaround videos

Nothing builds up excitement like getting a sneak peek of your new car. 

The sales team will provide you with walkaround videos showing off your brand new Kia.  Whether it's the distinctive boomerang shaped adaptive LED headlights on the Sportage SUV, or where to find the charging point on the brand new EV6 GT, Kia is here to show you what you didn't know you needed to see.

Know your Kia videos

Kia experts will send over videos packed with helpful pointers and tips to familiarise the customer with the technology and safety features. Learn the ins and outs of the Navigation system and DriveWise - Kia's extensive collection of intuitive safety features. 

Kia Care Servicing

Discover more about the nuts and bolts of your new Kia, and how to keep it in tip top condition. 

Kia accessories

Kia has a whole host of accessories ready to be added to their cars. From boot liners and floor mats, to car kits and roof racks, Kia will have the right accessories for your hobbies and needs.

Kia Connect and Charge

Download and discover the great features that you can find in the new Kia Connect and Charge apps. Lock, unlock, and keep track of your car's location at all times via your smartphone. You can even manage your vehicle settings and the charging of your electric vehicle with Kia Connect. Locate and access over 378,000 IONITY ultra-fast charging points across the UK and Europe with Kia Charge.

Kia Promise

Kia cars are quality redefined. That's why they provide their industry-leading seven-year warranty plan. Kia also provides aftercare services and roadside assistance.

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