Kia Niro and Sorento bag haul of SIX EcoCar Awards!

Kia collected an unprecedented six awards at the 2023 EcoCar Top 50 Electrified awards, thanks to the all-new Kia Niro and the seven-seat Sorento SUV. 

The Niro picked up four prizes at the awards ceremony, run by Diesel&EcoCar magazine, including the prestigious 'Electrified Car of the Year 2023'. 

All new Kia Niro at Chapelhouse

Kia Niro:

  • 'Electrified Car of the Year 2023' 
  • 'Best Electric Medium SUV' 
  • 'Best Plug-in Hybrid Medium SUV' 
  • 'Best Hybrid Medium SUV'

The fact that the Niro was placed first in the Top 50 and triumphed in every 'Best Medium SUV' category perfectly illustrates its excellent quality and versatility.

The Niro is available as a Full Hybrid (HEV), Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV), and a fully electric vehicle (EV). 

Ian Robertson is the Editor of Diesel&EcoCar magazine. He said: “The Kia Niro proves emphatically that buyers really can have their cake and eat it. 

“Available as a hybrid, plug-in hybrid or all-electric Niro EV, the real achievement is that this SUV performs well in all three versions, seemingly without compromise. 

“Which you pick is simply a matter of your personal or family requirements, driving habits and budget. It goes without saying that the Niro is also effortlessly modern, with a smartly designed exterior and interior, and thanks to its chiselled shape, it's also roomy inside for families. 

“The Niro is also loaded with reassuring safety kit and comes with a seven-year warranty, making it the most well-rounded model on sale and grabs the prize of 'Electrified Car of the Year' for 2023.”

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Kia Niro

Meanwhile the Sorento won a further brace of awards, thanks to its availability as both a Hybrid and a Plug-in Hybrid.

Kia Sorento:

  • 'Best Plug-in Hybrid Large SUV'
  • 'Best Hybrid Large SUV'

Kia Sorento Hybrid at Chapelhouse

Speaking in glowing terms about the Sorento, Robertson added: “It is a fantastic people mover, whether it's fitted with a diesel, hybrid, or plug-in hybrid powertrain. 

“Despite the arrival of Kia's futuristic EV6, the big Sorento still manages to feel like the brand's flagship model, thanks to its large and well-equipped interior. Now offered in a single 'Edition' trim level, it's well equipped, looks classy, and has a solid Tonka-like ambience. The famed seven-year warranty really seals the deal.”

The EcoCar Top 50 compiles a list of the top 50 new electric cars, hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles on sale today. There was further success for Kia in the rankings, with the high performance EV6 and the best-selling Sportage coming in a very respectable sixth and seventh place respectively. 

Award-winning Kia EV6 at Chapelhouse
Kia Sportage SUV at Chapelhouse

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