Kia Niro named ‘Best Crossover’ at Car of the Year Awards

The all-new Kia Niro has won the 'Best Crossover' prize at the 2023 UK Car of the Year Awards. 

The Niro topped the 'Best Crossover' category - one of the most competitive fields at the awards ceremony due to the big popularity of crossovers and compact SUVs in the UK car market. 

All-new Kia Niro

The judging panel was made up of some of the most well-respected motoring journalists in the UK. They were impressed by the Niro's range of powertrains, striking looks and its value for money. 

UK Car of the Year (UKCOTY) judge Alex Grant noted: “The new Niro builds on the success of the very popular first-generation car, combining the familiar choice of electrified powertrains and spacious interior with a much-needed step up in aesthetics.” 

Fellow UKCOTY judge Jonny Smith added: “The Niro consistently ticks the economy, family, fleet-car friendly and unrivalled warranty boxes.” 

All new Kia cars come with an industry-leading 7-year/100,000 miles warranty.

Kia 7-year warranty

Quality redefined with Kia's industry-leading 7-year warranty.

Kia warranty

The Niro comes as a hybrid (HEV), plug-in hybrid (PHEV), or a fully electric car (EV). By covering all bases, it's the ideal car for drivers who wish to either dip their toe into electrified driving, or dive in headfirst.

Kia Niro self-charging hybrid

Kia Niro HEV

The Niro HEV uses a 1.6-litre petrol engine and a powerful electric motor to provide great fuel economy and low running costs. Thanks to regenerative braking, the battery charges itself, so there's never a need to plug it in.

Kia Niro plug-in hybrid

Kia Niro PHEV

The 11.1kWh polymer lithium battery is placed under the boot floor so that the Niro PHEV maximises cabin space for the driver and all passengers. The battery can even power up to 40 miles of pure electric driving.

Kia Niro EV

Kia Niro EV

The Niro EV has a 285-mile driving range, and can be charged from 10-80% in just 43 minutes when using rapid charging, meaning no range anxiety and you won't always be tied to the charging point.

Having won the Crossover award, the Kia Niro will now be put forward for the overall 'UK Car of the Year 2023' award - the winner of which will be revealed in March. 

Paul Philpott, President and CEO of Kia UK Limited, said: “The all-new Niro has helped ensure we start 2023 as strongly as possible in the UK, and is currently making up almost 30% of all our sales. 

“Whilst the all-new Niro has only been available since summer last year, it has received numerous award wins, glowing editorial reviews and excellent reaction from customers.” 

The all-new Niro was an integral part of Kia's record breaking 2022, as it helped the brand to more than 100,000 sales in the UK for the first time ever.