Suzuki Top Ten Tech

New Suzuki models come absolutely crammed with cutting-edge technology. It's what makes them Good Different! 

Let's take a look a what we think are ten of Suzuki's best tech - each of which will enhance your driving experience. 

Suzuki Connect 

The free Suzuki Connect App keeps you and your car always connected. The app allows you to track helpful driving information such as distance travelled and driving times, along with fuel levels and consumption. Suzuki Connect contains safety features too for that extra peace of mind. 

Your smartphone will be alerted should the alarm be triggered or if the engine is started without your being present. The GPS tracker in the app will also allow you to pinpoint when your Suzuki is parked. 

You can find Suzuki Connect wherever you download your apps. 

Suzuki Connect

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Simple-Intelligent Parking Assist

S-IPA offers assistance when parallel parking, reversing into a parking space, and even when departing from a parking space. The system automatically controls the steering wheel while also offering audio and visual guidance. Ultrasonic wave sensors are used for sensing and allowing accurate parking in the tightest of spots.  

Lane Tracing Assist

LTA determines whether you are veering towards the edge of the lane of a busy motorway or marked public road unintentionally. It will help steer you back into the centre of the lane to avoid any possible collisions.  

Rear Crossing Traffic Alert

Perfect for attempting to reverse out of a tight parking spot. The RCTA's two mounted sensors will let you know if a car is approaching from a rear blind spot, perhaps just out of view of the Rear Parking Camera, to help prevent any collisions. 

A buzzer will sound and indicate the location of the approaching vehicle.  

Dynamic Radar Cruise Control

DRCC maintains a sufficient distance between your own vehicle and that of the one in front. It will also bring your vehicle to a halt should the preceding vehicle do the same, and then restarts you back when it is safe to do so.  


ALLGRIP SELECT is Suzuki's advanced four-wheel-drive technology for when you need extra traction on difficult terrain. The relatively lightweight system means that there are minimal changes to your fuel economy and emissions.  

The ALLGRIP SELECT provides four driving options that you can switch between at the turn of a dial.


This mode will operate your vehicle as a two-wheel-drive as normal to provide maximum efficiency and is preferable to your everyday driving conditions. The rear wheels will kick into action if any front wheel slippage is detected.  


Traction control intervention is weakened in this mode to allow a sleeker drive. It allows for easier acceleration when tackling narrow winding roads and tight bends.


Traction control intervention is heightened in this mode for maximum stability in wintery conditions. A permanent 50/50 torque split is given to the front and rear wheels.  .


Torque is distributed evenly throughout the four wheels when encountering difficult surfaces. Spinning wheels have extra traction control applied, while tyres that are gripping will have torque prioritised.

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Pre-Collision System

PCS helps prevent collisions with other vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, and any other road users.  

A millimetre-wave radar combined with a monocular camera monitor the road ahead to apply braking assist, or even automatic braking when necessary.  

Blind Spot Monitor

Changing lanes has been made even safer with the BSM. The system incorporates two rear mounted side radar sensors that can detect when vehicles located in or around your blind spot are approaching on both sides of your Suzuki.  

Once detected, an LED icon is illuminated on the relevant side's door mirror. Should you miss or ignore the icon and indicate to change lanes anyway, a flashing LED icon is accompanied by a warning sound alert.  

Suzuki eCall

Should your vehicle be involved in a road traffic collision, the on-board sensors will detect the crash and the eCall system will alert the emergency services with a phone message that contains the precise location of your vehicle.  

The message, that is generated automatically, can also be sent by the driver or passenger manually by the press of a button.  

360 parking camera

The 360 view camera is equipped with four cameras - one on each side of the vehicle. These are centrally linked to your display unit to provide an immersive all-round view of the car for the driver. 

The feature also includes a bird's eye view and a 3D image of the car for an unobstructed view of your whole surroundings.  

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