Suzuki’s first EV unveiled!

Suzuki unveiled their first EV Concept model-the Suzuki eVX-at the Auto Expo 2023 in India. 

While details about the eVX remain light on the ground, Suzuki plans to launch the fully electric SUV in 2025. 

Suzuki eVX unveiled

The eVX represents Suzuki's first step into the all-electric vehicle market. This follows on from the plan for all their current cars on the UK market to come as hybrid as standard. 

Suzuki President, Toshihiro Suzuki, said: “I am delighted to unveil the eVX, our first global strategic EV. At the Suzuki Group, addressing global warming is a priority. We are promoting a range of global measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  

“Suzuki will continue providing valuable products to our customers around the world by optimising them for the way different people live and drive.” 

This could mean that the eVX is not the only fully electric car from Suzuki on the horizon.

Suzuki eVX concept
Suzuki eVX concept

The eVX will look to continue to build on Suzuki's reputation for producing great SUVs. These include the rugged Vitara, the all-new S-Cross, and the exclusively plug-in hybrid Across

It appears that the eVX will sit somewhere in between the Suzuki Vitara and the Across size-wise. It has a futuristic exterior design with extensive streamlining, arrowhead LED headlights and a complete tail light bar that wraps across the rear.

Suzuki eVX concept
Suzuki eVX concept
Suzuki eVX concept

In the meantime, Suzuki's excellent hybrid technology is well worth your interest! You can click here to find out all about Suzuki hybrid technology, how it works, and what might just be the best version of it to fit your driving needs.

Hybrid as standard

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Suzuki good different
Suzuki Ignis in black