Did Suzuki just announce the plan for a Jimny EV?

It was at the start of January that Suzuki was delighted to unveil the eVX, its first global strategic EV, at the Auto Expo 2023. 

During the event, Suzuki President, Toshihiro Suzuki, hinted that the eVX Concept wouldn't be the only Suzuki electric vehicle to be launched in the not-too-distant future. “We are promoting a range of global measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” he said. 

“Suzuki will continue providing valuable products to our customers around the world by optimising them for the way different people live and drive.”

Suzuki eVX

Now hot on the heels of this, a brand new Suzuki 'Growth Strategy' presentation clearly shows the silhouette of a Jimny in a section that highlights the plan to introduce five models in a 'Battery EV Lineup'. We could spot that iconic flat roof and grille combo anywhere! 

It would mark an interesting development for the Jimny. While most car makers have earmarked their SUVs and Crossovers to be electrified, the off-roader would certainly be a leftfield choice to become a Suzuki EV.

Suzuki battery EV lineup 2024
Jimny EV?

Perhaps Suzuki plans to launch a fully electric five-door version of the Jimny on these shores, like the petrol model that was recently showcased in India. 

The compact 4x4 had a long overdue facelift in 2019, before reverting to a two-seat commercial vehicle, with a larger load space, that we have today. 

Suzuki's ALLGRIP Select four-wheel-drive system is highly effective in the Jimny, with its high ground clearance, robust ladder frame, and powerful 1.5-litre engine.

Suzuki Jimny 4x4
Jimny five-door

Along with the Jimny, it's safe to assume the vehicle on the bottom right is the eVX, judging by its body shape and the distinctive arrowhead LED headlights. But could the other two SUV-shaped cars be electric versions of the Vitara and S-Cross

Vitara & S-Cross

The Suzuki SUVs are both available as Mild Hybrid and Full Hybrid.

Suzuki Hybrid

The vehicle that appears to be in the shape of a kei-car on the top left has us intrigued too. The kei-car is an ultra compact city car, used for getting around on congested urban multiplexes. They have been a fixture of Japanese motoring since the end of the Second World War. 

It may be that Suzuki hopes to launch one of these highly economical models into the UK market with the idea of attracting those drivers who stick to busy city centres and aim to beat the rising 'clean air zone' charges. The Suzuki Hustler, for instance, has been on sale in Japan since 2014.

Suzuki Spacia kei-car
Suzuki Alto Turbo RS kei-car

At this point though, it's entirely guess work. But we are excited at what Suzuki appears to have planned before 2030 - when the sale of new cars that run on a purely diesel or petrol engine will be banned in the UK. 

Until Suzuki's electric cars land in UK showrooms, you can check out the current range of Suzuki vehicles on sale at Chapelhouse - they all come hybrid as standard!

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