Loyal to Electric? Choose an MG5 Trophy!

As we edge closer to 2030's ban on production of new petrol and diesel cars, and closer to an electric future, more and more people are opting to choose all-electric motoring and begin reaping the benefits early. 

MG has recognised this movement and is working hard to support those already loyal to their electric vehicles by offering an Electric Loyalty Enhancement bonus on the MG5 EV Trophy to anyone who already owns an electric vehicle.  

The MG5 Trophy already comes with a £250 finance contribution deposit for anyone purchasing a new MG5 on finance. This is in addition to a £1,000 savings voucher being offered to anyone who books to test drive first.  

If you are already the owner of an all-electric vehicle and you are looking to swap your car for a newer or higher-spec model, MG is offering you a further £1,000 saving on an MG5 Trophy, bringing the total savings on offer to £2,250!

The beauty of this scheme though, is you don't even have to part-ex your current electric vehicle to be eligible! All you need to do is provide evidence that both cars will be registered at the same address, meaning you can take advantage of the huge saving if you are in the market for your second all-electric car!

MG5 Trophy Loyalty Offer

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The MG5 EV is an award-winning, all-electric hatchback that was voted the best car for dog owners. It boasts great space and great storage along with a range of up to 250 miles.

It also comes packed with great tech as standard including Vehicle to Load Charging that allows you to charge other electrical items such as camping stoves or electric bikes directly from your car's battery. MG also offer the MG iSmart app that allows you to control many functions including charging, checking your vehicle status, finding your nearest charging point, as well as pre-starting the climate control to cool or heat your New MG5 EV Trophy Long Range.

MG offers a great range of cars that boast affordable luxury and getting a lot more for your money. Whether you are looking for something small and efficient like the MG3 or something larger that's suitable for the whole family, like the all-electric MG ZS, the MG range has something suitable for everyone.  

 All MG cars come with a 7-year warranty as standard and 1-year AA roadside assistance so, in the unlikely event that something happens, you have complete peace of mind that your car is covered.

MG 7 Year Warranty

All new MG cars come with MG's 7-year/80,000-mile warranty. But what is MG warranty, how does it work, and what is covered?

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