Is buying a Used Car a good idea?

There are many reasons why car buyers opt to go for a used car instead of a brand-new model. Not only are Used Cars much cheaper than those that have just rolled off the production line, but the used car market provides you with a much wider range of vehicles to pick from. 

If it's a practical and affordable family run-around you need, or a classic sports car that tickles your fancy, buying a used car could be the right option for you.

Buying on a budget

Buying a used car is a great idea if you're working on a budget. As soon as a brand new car hits the road, its value begins to depreciate, which means Used Cars are cheaper to buy than a new version of the same model. 

At Chapelhouse, we have flexible finance options to give you low monthly payments and still drive away in the car that you desire. Some of our used cars even offer five years 0% APR with no interest and no deposit

If you take out a service plan on a used car from Chapelhouse, you will also qualify for free annual MOT tests for life. This is a great way of saving money at a time when the cost of motoring seems to be rising all the time.  

You will also pay less money in road tax on a used car. The standard rate of road tax on a petrol and diesel car after 12 months is £165. If it was registered before 2017, you could even pay as little as £20 a year, or even no road tax whatsoever, depending on the amount of CO2 the car emits per kilometre. 

Click here to read more about how car tax is calculated and how much you might have to pay on a used car with our helpful guide.

Chapelhouse Used Cars MG
Chapelhouse Used Cars Suzuki

Massive amount of choice

At Chapelhouse, we have hundreds of used cars in group stock. You can choose from a massive variety of used cars of different makes and models. If it's something compact and economical that you're looking for, then a used Suzuki Swift is an ideal choice. There are also different specs and trims of the Swift in stock too - many of them packed with fantastic features that you'd find in a brand-new model. 

If it's something larger you need to fit the whole family in, then a used Kia Sportage SUV would be a great choice. The Sportage has won countless awards and has been the best-selling Kia model down the years, so its quality as a used car is never in doubt. 

Chapelhouse has used cars in stock from lots of other manufacturers too, including Citroen, Peugeot, Fiat and Vauxhall

If you're interested in a used car from a Chapelhouse dealership that isn't nearest to you, we are more than happy to have the vehicle transferred to your local branch so you can view the car or take a test drive at your convenience.

Used Suzuki Swift Chapelhouse
Used Kia Sportage Chapelhouse

Immediate delivery

This is a huge advantage of choosing a used car over buying a new car; no waiting times for the car to be built and to arrive in the country. Many used cars at Chapelhouse are available for immediate delivery, so you could even find yourself driving away in it the same day.

Discontinued cars

Unfortunately, not all cars go on to be produced forever. Times change and with it so do driving habits. 

But when news hit the headlines of Ford's plan to cease production of the ever-popular Fiesta hatchback, it was met with widespread shock. Ford explained that it's focussing on electrification, as it plans to go all electric by 2030 - when the UK ban on sales of new petrol and diesel cars comes in. 

If you're not yet ready to make the switch to electric driving and still wish to drive Ford's flagship hatchback before it's gone for good, we have a range of used Fiestas at Chapelhouse.

Have you considered buying an ex-demonstrator?

Ex-demonstrators are cars that are pre-owned by car dealers from new. They are often used as display cars in the showroom or as staff company cars. Buying an ex-demonstrator can provide all the benefits of both a new and used car. You're getting a car that is just a few months old with all the latest features, often with very few miles on the clock, and has been kept in excellent condition, but for a reduced price compared to brand new. 

You can read our full guide to ex-demonstrators here.

Approved Used

When buying an Approved Used car, you're guaranteed a quality used car. At Chapelhouse, we offer Approved Used cars from our franchise partners: Suzuki and MG

You can be confident that all cars have been maintained to the highest standards by expertly trained Chapelhouse technicians who only used manufacturer authorised parts. In the unfortunate incident of a breakdown, you'll be covered by roadside assistance for that extra peace of mind.  

You're entitled to the balance of the manufacturer's warranty plan too, when you buy Approved Used. MG provides a seven-year warranty plan on all their new cars. So, if you buy an MG Approved Used car that was registered two years ago, you'll still have a full five years left to run on the car's warranty.

Suzuki Approved Used Cars
MG Approved Used Cars Warranty