Kia exhibits EV6 made entirely of Lego!

Kia has exhibited a full-scale model of the EV6 at Milan Design Week, made entirely of Lego bricks. 

Dubbed 'Brick to the Future', Kia sought to celebrate the power of inspiration and imagination with the iconic plastic bricks. The Lego Kia EV6 is said to be a symbol of the brand's new and inspiring path towards sustainable mobility. 

The life size EV6 model was made up of a whopping 350,000 Lego bricks, each emphasising the striking and inspiring design of the much-lauded electric vehicle. 

The impressive replica retains the EV6's intricate design details and unique personality, while also conveying the notion that the future of sustainable mobility is to be built 'brick by brick'. 

The work, commissioned by Kia Italy, required more than 800 hours of work by BrickVision, a company in the city of Reggio Emilia. This entire process was documented by Kia, which you can watch below.

Kia EV6

Discover Kia's flagship electric crossover with high performance and ultra rapid charging. 


BrickVision was founded by Riccardo Zangelmi, Italy's first and only Lego Certified Professional. He has managed to turn his childhood passion for Lego bricks into a successful business. 

For the 'Brick to the Future' project, Zangelmi and his team worked for four months, and even came up with a functioning lighting system. This ensured the model EV6's successfully replicated the highly distinctive lighting of the real car that remained visible from every angle. 

In 2021, Kia launched its 'Plan S' to introduce 15 fully electric models globally by 2027 - the first of which was the EV6. 

Built upon its very own EV battery architecture, the revolutionary E-GMP (Electric Global Modular Platform), the EV6 has been Kia's flagship high performance electric vehicle. 

The EV6 was soon joined by the EV6 GT, Kia's most powerful car of all time. The dual electric motor can produce up to 577bhp, allowing the EV6 GT to blister from 0-62mph in just 3.5 seconds. 

The next step in Kia's 'Plan S' strategy is the upcoming launch of the EV9 - Kia's largest EV to date. The EV9 will also be the first Kia EV to accommodate up to seven people. The middle row of seats can even rotate 180-degrees so you can sit face-to-face with those in the rear. 

The EV9 is set to have an electric driving range of 336 miles and will raise the bar for EV tech with the launch of the brand-new Kia Connect Store. This will allow drivers to update their EV9 software anytime and anywhere.

Kia EV9 at Chapelhouse
Kia EV9 at Chapelhouse

Kia EV9 - Coming Soon!

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