Kia shows versatility of new EV9 on its global test drive

Kia has showcased the versatility of the brand new EV9. The all-electric SUV has set new standards of space, practicality, flexibility, comfort, and technology, to meet the needs of modern families. 

The EV9 is Kia's first electric vehicle available with three rows of seats. It uses the brand's new philosophy of blurring the boundaries between outdoor and indoor spaces. 

With exciting features such as swivelling seats and the Vehicle to Load (V2L) function, the EV9 is truly the electric SUV of choice for the present and future. 

Vehicle to Load

The EV9 perfectly illustrates the huge benefits of the V2L feature by taking in a day at the beach. The bidirectional charging functionality uses the vehicle's battery to charge other electrical appliances on the go. Here we have a mini fridge and a coffee machine connected to the 3.68kW power source via an extension cable. 

The EV9 provides very generous amounts of interior space and luggage capacity. The cargo load volume is 571 litres, even when all three rows of seats are occupied! It gives you the chance to transport many other electrical or activity equipment with you. 

With the average laptop charger consuming around 65 watts, a tablet charger using 30 watts, and a smartphone charger typically drawing 10 watts, the EV9 has the ability to power your devices for extended periods of time over several days.

It's all about making life on the go much more flexible, whether you're spending time at the beach or camping overnight in a remote location. 

And it's not just handheld devices that can be powered either. The EV9 even has the capability to power larger items too, such as an electric grill and outdoor lighting for your camping trip.

Kia EV9

The EV9 is the stunning new electric SUV from Kia. Register your interest today.


Driving range

By using the EV9's vehicle battery to charge all manner of electrical items, one might fear that you could end up with no power left in the car to drive and become stranded. 

However, the massive 336-mile electric driving range of the EV9 should alleviate any range anxiety, by offering enough charge to get you home, or to the nearest charging station at the very least. 

The EV9 is engineered to give you more confidence undertaking these types of extended road trips, even to locations where charging infrastructure may be light on the ground.

When the time comes to recharge your EV9, the ultra-fast charging capability of the SUV will have you back on the road in double quick time. The EV9 can be charged from 10-80% capacity in just 25 minutes. 

This rapid charging technology even provides 148 miles of range in as little as 15 minutes!


During those periods when the EV9 is charging, occupants can spend time in the cabin in lounge-style comfort. The middle row of seats has several different configurations, including being fully reclined for extra relaxation on those long journeys. 

There is also the option to rotate these seats 90 degrees outwards when the EV9 is stationary, enabling better views of the scenery, or you can even swivel 180 degrees so that middle occupants can sit and interact with those in the rear row of seats face-to-face. 

Overall head and legroom for the driver and passengers is generous throughout the vehicle. The completely flat floor EV architecture is made possible by Kia's Electric Global Modular Platform (E-GMP). It is this level of space, comfort and versatility that sets the EV9 apart from any other SUV, electric or otherwise. 

The Kia EV9 is scheduled to go on sale in the UK in the second half of 2023, though full pricing and specification has yet to be announced. Be sure to check back on the Chapelhouse Blog to find out more details on the EV9 as soon as they're released. 

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