Top 10 benefits of driving an electric car

Electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular among drivers - sales of EVs rose by 40% in 2022. There are over half a million electric cars currently on UK roads and that figure is only set to rise. Let's take a look at the top ten benefits of owning and driving an EV. 

Better for the environment 

The major selling point of an electric car is that it doesn't need traditional fossil fuels, such as petrol and diesel, to be able to run. This means that an electric car produces zero carbon emissions. 

At a time when everyone is trying to reduce their carbon footprint, driving an electric car is a great way to be environmentally friendly. 

No fuel costs

As stated above, an electric car is powered by a large battery instead of a petrol or diesel engine. This means that you won't need to fork out for expensive fuel costs to run your EV. 

It will still cost you to charge your electric car, however. Home charging is usually the cheapest option, while using an ultra-rapid public charger will set you back more for the privilege. Both options will cost you a fraction of the price of a full tank of petrol.  

Despite fuel prices coming down since the dizzy heights of 2022, the average cost of a full tank of petrol in Spring 2023 is around £80, meaning electric charging is still the more affordable option in comparison. 

Based on the energy figures taken from below, it would cost £19.40 to charge the battery in a 61kWh MG4 Trophy from 0-100%. 

April - June 2023: 16.6p/ kWh for electricity and 2.2p/ kWh for gas.
January - March 2023: 31.8p/ kWh for electricity and 6.4p/ kWh for gas.
October - December 2022: 17p/ kWh for electricity and 4.2p/ kWh for gas.

Electric cars at Chapelhouse
Electric cars at Chapelhouse

EV charging at home

With a home charging point, it means you can charge your electric vehicle overnight and have a full battery ready and waiting for you in the morning. You don't need to go out of your way to a fuel station, which means more time spent travelling where you need to be. 

It is cheaper to charge your electric car overnight than during the day, as electricity is less in demand during the night.

Futureproof your car

In 2030, the sale of new petrol and diesel cars will be banned in the UK. All new cars sold from then on must be in some way electrified, whether that's a hybrid, plug-in hybrid or fully electric. 

By switching to electric driving now, you'll be prepared well ahead of time. By having a home charging point installed, it will mean that you'll rely less on public charging points at a time when they'll be in more demand than ever.

Making the switch?

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EV range

No congestion charges

Many city centres now deploy congestion charges to help restrict heavy polluting petrol and diesel vehicles in an attempt for cleaner air quality. 

Electric cars are exempt from city centre congestion charges as they don't contribute to air pollution. 

Many hybrid and plug-in hybrid cars now feature an eco-mode, in which the car can run for short distances purely on battery power. When used at the right time, this feature can be also used to avoid having to pay to drive in a city centre or built-up area.

Zero road tax

Electric cars are also currently exempt from Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) in the UK, more commonly known as road tax. 

The waiving of VED on electric cars aims to encourage more drivers to switch to emissions-free driving for the benefit of the environment. 

Petrol, diesel, and hybrid cars are subject to differing road tax costs, depending on their output of carbon emissions. 

Outperform petrol cars

The technology in EVs has come a long way in a short space of time. And it's improving all the time. Gone are the days of tales of EVs being unable to work in cold conditions and nominal battery life. 

The all-electric Kia EV6 GT is the most powerful car produced by the brand to date. Its dual electric motor can produce a combined power output of 430kW - the equivalent of a massive 577bhp. Such is the power and quality, it was named 'World Performance Car of the Year' at the 2023 World Car Awards, fighting off competition from many petrol-powered sports cars.

EV6 GT World Performance Car 2023

Stylish design

Electric cars are some of the most stylish cars on the road today. We think the MG4 EV looks absolutely stunning in Volcanic Orange complete with two-tone black roof. The electric hot hatch also has a Twin Aero rear spoiler, Active front grille that regulates air flow, and sharp LED headlights. 

Not only does the multi-award winning MG4 look great, but it also drives great too. It can achieve over 360 miles from a single charge and has a five-star Euro NCAP safety rating thanks to the MG Pilot

The brand new Kia EV9 is the first Kia EV to feature three rows of seats. In a groundbreaking design move, the second row of seats can rotate 180 degrees so you can sit face-to-face with those in the rear.

Kia EV9

Kia EV9 - Coming 2023

Discover Kia's newest electric vehicle with seven seats. Register your interest below.


Smoother driving experience

One of the accusations levelled at electric cars is that you don't get that thrilling rev of an engine. 

While that may be true, electric cars don't lack in power. Instant torque from a standing position gives EVs rapid acceleration from a standing start, even if it is silent. 

The quiet nature of electric driving can be very relaxing, and you won't need to have your music blasting when driving at high speeds to drown out the sound of the engine. 

Such is the automatic style of EVs, they're very easy to drive too. Simply press 'Start', put it into 'Drive', and you're on your way. 

Easier to maintain

No engine? No worries! An electric car will be cheaper for maintenance costs. Electric cars have less moving parts than their petrol and diesel counterparts. 

There's no need for oil or air filter changes and no expensive engine component replacements. Although EVs are still required to get regular MOT test and service checks, specially trained EV technicians will undertake EV-specific maintenance. 

The Modular Scalable Platform, on which MG builds its electric cars, even allows for the replacement of batteries for your EV. 

EV trained technicians

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