Used Cars vs Approved Used Cars

What is an Approved Used Car?

An Approved Used Car is a used car that has been specifically designated by a manufacturer and a car dealership for its outstanding quality and condition. These Approved Used cars will have been thoroughly checked over by expert technicians. Every Approved Used car undergoes an extensive number of checks, sometimes more than 100, to determine its overall health. 

With an Approved Used car, its quality is assured - something that cannot always be guaranteed when browsing used cars from private sellers or non-franchised dealers. 

What can't be guaranteed is that an Approved Used car will not be in absolute perfect condition, like a brand-new car would be. After all, Approved Used cars will have had a previous registered owner and a certain number of miles on the clock. However, they are still in very good condition and prepared to a high standard, which is why manufacturers are prepared to stake their reputation on flagging them for their superior quality. 

Suzuki Approved Used Cars North West

What are the benefits of buying an Approved Used Car?

As many Approved Used cars are less than a few years old, you have the distinct advantage of buying a quality nearly new car, often with many of the benefits of a new car, but at a heavily discounted price compared to New. It can be considered getting the best of both worlds. 

An Approved Used car scheme provides that extra peace of mind over a car's reliability and the safety of you and your passengers. The vast number of mechanical checks that an Approved Used car must pass ensures that you know that it hasn't been involved in a serious accident or undergone extensive repair in its time on the road. 

Low mileage is also a key factor for Approved Used cars. Many car brands will not consider their cars for Approved Used status once they've passed a certain threshold of miles covered. The number of miles on the clock is usually a good indicator of the amount of general wear and tear on a car. The lower the miles, the more confident you can be of a car's reliability. 

An Approved Used car will also still be covered by the manufacturer's warranty plan. With the likes of Kia and MG and their 7-year warranty scheme, you will be covered for the balance of the 7 years until it runs out. For instance, if your Approved Used car was registered in 2021, you'd be covered for the final five years, from your purchase date in 2023 until 2028. .

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Is it better to buy an Approved Used Car than a regular Used Car?

With all the great benefits of Approved Used cars, it might seem like a no-brainer to pick one over an ordinary used car, but it might not always be the best deal for what you need. 

While there's no doubting the quality of Approved Used cars, it's likely that you will pay that bit extra for the guaranteed assurances compared to a normal used car. 

There are still a whole host of great deals out there to be had on non-Approved Used cars. This is one of the great reasons for buying a used car. There's always a massive choice - much bigger than the new car market. 

Just because a used car might be a few years too old to be sat in the Approved Used bracket, there's every chance it will have been driven by an owner who has kept it in immaculate condition. Not only that, but a slightly older used car that's still in great health could be a better fit for you if you're working on a smaller budget, as its value will have depreciated that bit more over time. 

Are ex-demonstrators classed as Approved Used Cars?

Yes, ex-demonstrators are classed as Approved Used Cars. 

Ex-demonstrators are new cars purchased by dealerships directly from the manufacturer. They are typically used as staff cars, showroom display units or vehicles used for customer test drives. 

They are classed as used cars as they will have had one previous registered owner - the dealership themselves. By the time they are decommissioned, the majority of ex-demonstrators will have a few thousand miles under their belt. However it's not uncommon to find an ex-demo that hasn't been out of the showroom that only has delivery miles on the clock. 

As they have had one previous owner, buying an ex-demo is cheaper than going for a brand new version of the same model. Many still retain a lot of the qualities, specification and the latest tech you'd find in a new car, so it's a great way to save money. It is often referred to as “buying new for used car money”. 

Approved Used Cars at Chapelhouse

At Chapelhouse, we have a massive range of Used Cars that includes a whole host of Approved Used Cars, as we are a franchised dealer of Suzuki, Kia and MG.

Choose from city cars, like the Suzuki Swift and Kia Picanto, or family friendly SUVs like the Suzuki Vitara and ever-popular Kia Sportage.  

We even have Approved Used electric hatchbacks, such as the award-winning MG4 EV and the all-new Kia Niro EV. Even though each brand has slightly different standards for the Approved Used scheme, one thing that cannot be disputed is their high quality and excellent value. 

Suzuki Approved Used

  • Reliability guaranteed 
  • Strict quality checks 
  • Full service history 
  • Minimum 12 months' warranty and roadside assistance 
  • Full provenance checks so the vehicle is clear of damage and has no outstanding finance 
  • Vehicle serviced in line with manufacturer warranty standards 
  • 14-day no-quibble return in the unlikely event that you're not happy with the car

Kia Approved Used 

  • Cars are maximum 20 months old
  • Less than 20,000 miles on the clock
  • Balance of 7-year/100,000 miles warranty
  • 12-month breakdown cover
  • Full service history
  • 12-month MOT cover
  • 24-hour accident aftercare service

MG Approved Used

  • Balance of 7-year/80,000 miles warranty
  • Subject to 130-point check
  • Verified mileage check
  • Full history check for damage and outstanding finance
  • Full main dealer service history
  • Balance of 12-month breakdown cover if the car is less than a year old