How long does a car service take?

What is a car service?

A car service is a way of ensuring that your car is in good working condition. A series of extensive car health checks are carried out to determine whether it is safe enough to be driven on the road.

What is included in a car service?

Checks carried out in a car service will include oil and filter changes, brakes tests, steering and suspension checks, air filter, coolants, brake fluid, locks, gearbox, exhaust, spark plugs, battery, and a full tyre inspection. 

You can be fined for driving if caught with inadequate tyre tread or even for a lack of windscreen washer. Staying on top of any issues or faults is one of the main benefits of servicing, so they don't cost you more to fix later down the line. 

If you drive an electric vehicle, the service will be specially tailored to meet their requirements of an EV. Chapelhouse has specially trained EV technicians who have a greater knowledge of ins and outs of how electric cars work. 

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So how long does a full car service take?

There is no exact time to how long a car service will take. Generally, they will take around three hours, but if any problems arise, it could take longer. Car services take so long to complete as the nature of the checks are in-depth and comprehensive. 

If you book a car in for its service at 9am, then you can expect to have it back in the afternoon. If it's booked in for midday, then it should be ready for the end of the working day. However, if a significant issue is identified, you may need to bring back the car at a later date for it to be corrected.

Do I need to service my car?

Unlike an MOT, it is not illegal for you to not have regular servicing carried out on your car. But it is highly encouraged! 

Many car manufacturers have recommendations around servicing. They can insist on their cars having a manufacturer approved service so that it is kept in line with warranty standards.  

If you choose not to have your car serviced with a manufacturer authorised repairer which only uses genuine manufacturer approved parts, it could invalidate any warranty claim. You should also stick to the manufacturer's required servicing schedule and keep a full service history that's been carried out in the car's service book.  

Our expertly trained technicians will carry out car maintenance on all makes and models of cars to the highest standard.

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What is an interim service?

An interim service is similar to a full car service, but not as many aspects of the car are checked. 

Interim services are recommended to drivers if their car clocks up more miles per year than the UK average (12,000 miles) to accommodate the added wear and tear that the extra driving will put on their car. 

They usually take around 90 minutes and ought to be carried out around six months following the car's last full service. An interim service should never be used as a substitute for a major service. 

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Chapelhouse service plans

With the cost of motoring seemingly going up all the time, Chapelhouse offers a range of service plans, including Drive Now, Pay Later. With a Chapelhouse service plan, you can spread the car service cost across monthly payments to help you better manage your money. Click here to find out more about Chapelhouse service plans.

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