How much does a car service cost?

What is a car service?

A vehicle service is an annual health check of your car. Service technicians will inspect many different aspects of your car, such as brakes, gearbox and the engine to determine its overall condition. There are three different types of service - starting with interim, and going up to full, then major. The number of checks and overall price will increase as the level of service goes up.

Does my vehicle need a service?

Regular servicing is highly advised to keep your car in as healthy condition as possible. Not only will regular vehicle servicing make your car safer and easier to drive, but a better maintained car will have a higher value when the time comes to change it. You will need to keep a record of every service in the car's service book. Proof of a full service history is always a great selling point for a car.

What is included in a car service?

An interim service is the most basic service. If you cover more than 12,000 miles each year - the UK average - it is recommended to have an interim service every six months in between your higher-level services. Your engine oil will be changed and an oil filter replacement will keep your car running smoothly.  

A full service should be carried out every 12 months. Up to 80 checks are carried out, including an oil filter change, air filter change, and brake fluid and coolants are changed. An annual service is the recommendation by many manufacturers so that their cars are kept in line with warranty plan requirements. If you fail to keep up their service schedule, any warranty claim may become invalid. 

A major service is the highest tier of service and you car should have one every two years or for every 24,000 miles covered - whichever comes first. All the same checks are carried out as a full service, but they are much more comprehensive. More parts of your car will have a fresh replacement too, such as the spark plugs, fuel filter and cabin filter. Brake fluid and coolants will again be replaced.

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How much does a service cost?

The price of servicing will vary from repairer to repairer. An independent garage may be a cheaper option but you can't guarantee that their technicians will be as highly trained and thorough as those at a manufacturer authorised repairer, such as Chapelhouse. Our expertly trained vehicle technicians only use approved parts and all repairs are carried out in line with the manufacturer handbook.   

A full service on a Used Car that's out of warranty will usually set you back around £200. An interim service may come in at £150 and the average cost of a major service will be around £300. 

Manufacturer authorised maintenance prices vary so it's best to check first with your nearest Chapelhouse Service department for an accurate quote.

Service plans at Chapelhouse

Servicing your car may appear to be an unwanted extra cost on top of possible vehicle finance payments. Last year, a study found that many younger drivers were skipping or putting off car maintenance and repairs as they found the cost of motoring too high. 

At Chapelhouse, we offer a variety of service plans to suit your situation. Service plans help spread the cost of your vehicle service across a period of time to help manage your monthly outgoings for that extra peace of mind. These are available on any make and model of car, and a free MOT test for life comes along in a Chapelhouse service plan package. Having a service and MOT carried out at the same time will also save you money and time. 

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