Kia achieves record sales in 2023

Kia UK Limited has recorded its biggest ever new car sales in a single month, with a massive 19,703 sold in March. 

The brand also surpassed its Quarter 1 sales record too, with 32,255 units sold from January to March 2023. These numbers reflect the Korean brand's ever-growing popularity and cements its place as one of the premium car brands in the UK car market. 

To put the figures in a bit more context, Kia had a record high of 100,000 new car sales in a calendar year for the first time ever in 2022. Kia sold just shy of a fifth of that number in March 2023 alone! 

And it's not just in the UK where Kia is a growing force. The brand registered 278,275 cars globally in March - a 10.9% increase year-on-year. 

Kia EV offers

As leaders in electrified driving, Kia's Eco models accounted for more than 42% of the sales recorded. Kia's award-winning Hybrid (HEV), Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) and Electric vehicles (EV) have been embraced by drivers and motoring experts in the UK and around the world.

Kia Niro Hybrid at Chapelhouse

4,068 HEVs sold in March 2023 - more than 20% of the month's figures

The fully hybrid Kia Niro was recently voted the Best Crossover at the 2023 UK Car of the Year Awards. It's also available as a PHEV and an EV. 

Kia XCeed PHEV

2,263 PHEVs sold in Q1 2023 - Kia's best figures for a single quarter

The Kia XCeed (above), Sportage, Niro and Sorento all have plug-in hybrid options. Kia's PHEVs allow you to drive up to 40 miles on pure electric - ideal for city commutes. 

Kia EV6 at Chapelhouse

1,933 of the Kia EV6 sold in Q1, with 1,302 of those in March - another Kia record

The stunning Kia EV6 is the flagship large Crossover EV for Kia. It was named the WhatCar? 'Car of the Year' 2022. 

Kia Sportage at Chapelhouse

9,559 Kia Sportage SUVs sold in Q1, making it the fifth best-selling car in the UK

The award-winning versatile Sportage has a number of powertrain options, including Mild Hybrid, Fully Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid, Petrol and Diesel.

March also saw the reveal of the brand-new Kia EV9 - Kia's largest EV to date and the first to feature three rows of seats. It is available as a six or seven-seater and it was announced that it will have an EV driving range of 336 miles. The EV9 is due to arrive in UK showrooms in the second half of 2023. 

Brand New Kia EV9
Brand New Kia EV9

Kia EV9

Learn all about the stunning new Kia EV9 SUV.


Paul Philpott is the President and CEO of Kia UK Limited. He said: “This is an outstanding result that reflects an unprecedented effort by all our dealer partners and hardworking staff. 

“Naturally, this success also results from our award-winning products that provide our customers with the cars they want and the technology they need, at competitive prices. 

“Last year, we sold more than 100,000 new cars in the UK for the first time ever, and this March we have sold almost 20% of that total in a single month. This clearly shows the appetite for our growing model line-up, backed by our pioneering seven-year/100,000-mile warranty and award-winning customer care

“As leaders in electrification, it is rewarding to see more and more of our customers choose an electrified model - and there are plenty more to come - following the reveal of the exciting seven-seat electric SUV, the Kia EV9, we will then be offering nine EVs in the UK by 2027.”